Sunday 16rd May 2021

When it comes to Spinner / Spinning Wheels you are right

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We tell you what Spinner / Spinning Wheels means!

spinner keyword When it comes to Spinner / Spinning Wheels you are rightSpinner / Spinning Wheels are hubcap-type attachments that are offered for car rims. The special thing about spinner / spinning wheels is that they can rotate freely on the wheel hub. If the car stops, the spinner / spinning wheels continue to turn so that the impression arises that the wheels are still turning even though the car is stationary. In Germany, however, the Spinner / Spinning Wheels are prohibited according to the StVZO. If you look to America, especially the Hip Hop scene, you can often see the spinner / spinning wheels on tuned cars. In America, the use of spinner / spinning wheels is not prohibited. The reason for the ban is the fact that the spinner / spinning wheels can cause injuries if they are still turning while standing and, for example, a child grabs the spinner / spinning wheels. Incidentally, Spinner / Spinning Wheels are also available as complete rims.

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 When it comes to the topic of spinner / spinning wheels you are at the right place

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