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When it comes to alloy wheels you are right here

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How do you explain the term Alloy Wheels / Alloy Wheels!

When it comes to alloy wheels you are right here

The term aluminum rims / aluminum rims does not exist in the sense that an aluminum rim is nothing more than a car rim just made of aluminum. So we always talk about an aluminum rim as a car rim. Alloy rims / car rims refer to the wheel on the car without the tire. If you want it a little more special then aluminum rims / car rims is the outer ring that connects the wheel rim with the wheel flange. Nowadays, however, the rim and the flange are mostly made from one piece. Which linguistically results in a factually but not completely correct synonymy of wheel and rim. The same applies to tires and wheels.

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In the noble tuning area there are aluminum rims / car rims, however, still in several parts and this is also still the case for special trucks, tractors, tractors or other special applications. In motorsport in particular, aluminum rims / car rims are often made up of several parts.

Alloy wheels / car rims must not only consist of aluminum but also of carbon, carbon fiber, steel or wood. Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!


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