Tuesday 11th May 2021

When it comes to tuning box you are exactly right here

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How do you explain the term Tuningbox / Tuning Box!

PowerBox tuningblog 2 300x300 When it comes to the subject of tuning box you are exactly rightTuning box (s)

A tuning box is actually a small black box that contains electronics. This tuning box / tuning box is connected upstream of the OEM control unit and can usually be installed and removed very easily. The tuning box / tuning box provides the OEM control unit with a "wrong" value so that the OEM software of the manufacturer corrects the sensor values ​​within the factory-set parameters. This leads to an increase in performance. The increase in performance through the tuning box / tuning box is therefore also limited. With correct chip tuning, you get significantly better values ​​for increasing performance.

The big advantage of the tuning box / tuning box is that the original software is not touched and the control unit is not damaged. If things go unfavorably, with real chip tuning after the service visit to the authorized dealer, the extra performance is gone because an update is now commonplace with all manufacturers and this update may overwrite the tuning software.

Rather a disadvantage of the tuning box / tuning box is the fact that the engine may not go into the emergency program due to the falsified sensor values ​​and the engine may be in danger. A serious tuning box / tuning box therefore only changes the values ​​of the high pressure pump. Are you curious whether your car can also handle a tuning box? Have a look at the guys from Auto Technik Bihler and get advice! Ps. What actually happens if you add a tuning box to a vehicle that is already equipped with OBD chip tuning? We thought about it!

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