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If it comes to the topic roll bar / roll cage you are right here

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roll cage keyword When it comes to roll bars / roll cages you are at the right placeA roll bar / roll cage is a special installation in the vehicle that is intended to protect people in the event of the vehicle rolling over. Roll bars / roll cages are spatial metal pipe grille constructions that are often installed in convertibles but especially in racing and increasingly also in the tuning area (often in powerful cars). In the event of a rollover, a roll bar / roll cage can prevent the vehicle roof from being pushed in so far that there is no longer any survival space for the occupants. A roll bar is only partially suitable for stiffening the car and protecting the occupants. A roll cage fulfills these tasks better, but is much more complex and also takes up more space.

We tell you what roll bar / roll cage means!

In the roll cage, one tube usually runs along the A and B pillars in the form of the body. Both pipes are attached in such a way that they reach from the ground over the heads of the occupants to protect them accordingly. Often the two main bars are provided with side protection and an H-strut is connected behind the seats. There are special requirements for roll bars / roll cages in racing, while in the private sector you have largely free hand in construction. The same goes for them, by the way cage padding.

Installation of the roll bar in the following video

In summary, everything important about the roll bar:

  • In "civilian use", roll bars come from convertibles
  • Nowadays, cars are no longer equipped with a visible roll bar.
  • The roll bar is a metal construction that is used in tuned vehicles, rally and racing vehicles and also in convertibles.
  • A roll cage is different from a roll bar.
  • A roll bar is limited to one level in the longitudinal axis (usually B-pillar).
  • A roll bar has appropriate struts to the rear.
  • The use of the roll bar is to help protect the driver in the event of an accident as a protective device.
  • The roll bar is intended to protect the passenger compartment in the event of a rollover or accident. It should prevent the roof from being pushed in too much.
  • A roll bar is intended to secure the survival space without a roof in the convertible.
  • Roll bars, roll cages and club sport bars are used in motorsport.
  • Installation of the roll bar often on the original belt points or on the seat console.
  • The assembly does not normally require drilling or welding due to the foot of the bracket.
  • The roll bar is supplemented with an H-strut and cross made of diagonal and vertical tubes.
  • Roll bar is mandatory for tractors and tractors (overturning devices)
  • Roll bars in modern vehicles are, for example, called rollover at BMW (roll bar that is automatically activated and deployed in the event of a rollover).

Differences between weld-in cell and screw-in cell!

There are also differences in terms of that Attachment from Roll bar. A distinction is made between a so-called Weld-in cell and a Screw cell. The two terms are self-explanatory. So there is a roll cage that is fixed to the body at certain points welded will and likewise there is a variant that at certain points bolted becomes. Either way is one subsequent examination and a individual acceptance by a Exam Organization mandatory.

It is also important to note whether any further changes must be made in the vehicle in order to be able to legally use a cage. Here it is particularly important to have diverse Airbag systems to pay attention to and of course to that seat belts. Should the cage be used in combination with a harness bar So it applies to the various components together to check and weight lose allow. The straps on the possibly still existing By the way, back seats have to remote so that people can be excluded behind ride along. The vehicle is then a clean one two-seater.

Or as a variant for the Isofix attachment?

A clean "Show and shine"-Solution, complete without protective function, by the way, are roll bars for the Isofox attachment in the vehicle. But such parts are NOT permitted for motorsport and in the event of a possible Start of the race from the vehicle too remove. And if such a bracket is built in, no one is allowed on the Rear seat transported will. Such a bracket (like the Easofix club sport bar) is attached to the original Isofix points and is therefore not fixed with the body bolted or welded. He counts as charge and therefore does not have to be entered. Such a bracket is available in all variants. With Upwind, With H strut or with Double cross. The registration free Clubsport bracket Usually costs between 500-800 euros, depending on the design and coating. Pictures Easofix Club Sports Bar by K-custom in you GTi (MK8).

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roll cage keyword When it comes to roll bars / roll cages you are at the right place

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