Friday 22nd October 2021

When the car is playing hide and seek, the smartphone is in demand!

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Smartphone GPS Tracker Auto 1 When the car plays hide and seek, the smartphone is in demand!

Where is my car? Almost everyone has asked themselves this question before, whether on a large, confusing parking lot, after sightseeing in a foreign city or when changing parking spaces in their own residential area. This is confirmed by a new representative study by the market research institute Innofact on behalf of Kia, for which 1.000 car drivers from all over Germany were surveyed online in December. 80 percent of the participants said they had looked for their car at least once. In most cases, the search lasted five to ten minutes (42 percent longer, 20 percent longer, 38 percent shorter). And forgetting the parking space is not a phenomenon that increases with age. On the contrary: of the 18 to 39 year olds, 89 percent had to look for their vehicle. More than two-thirds of all respondents hope for support in this hide-and-seek game from the smartphone: 60 percent would like to use an app to find their vehicle, 8 percent are already doing it.

Smartphone GPS Tracker Auto 3 When the car plays hide and seek, the smartphone is in demand!

In addition to the relevance of location apps, the study commissioned by Kia also examined the general status of the networking of smartphones and cars. A crucial first step is connecting the cell phone to the vehicle's infotainment system. A third of those surveyed (33 percent) already use such a smartphone interface in the car, and one in two of the 18 to 39-year-olds (49 percent). On the other hand, almost half of all respondents (48 percent) stated that their vehicle was not technically capable of doing this. Given the general development, the high level of willingness to use vehicle-related apps is not surprising. Because there are very few people left who only use their cell phones to make calls. According to the study, 92 percent of all respondents regularly use apps, and 18 percent of the 39 to 98 year olds.

95 percent of new Kia cars have a smartphone interface, 89 percent with navigation

The interest in the convenience functions made possible by networking smartphones and cars is also reflected in the vehicle equipment. At Kia, for example, around 2020 percent of the new cars sold in Germany in 95 had an infotainment system with a touchscreen and smartphone interface. Nine out of ten Kia customers (89 percent) even opted for versions with a map navigation system that comes with the brand's standard online services UVO Connect with the Kia Live service and the Kia UVO app. Kia Live calls up data via its own SIM card and offers, among other things, high-precision, cloud-based online navigation. With the UVO app, data can be transferred to and from the vehicle and, for example, planned routes can be sent to the navigation system, the location of the vehicle can be determined, the doors locked and unlocked, the charging of the battery in the brand's electrified models can be controlled via smartphone continue navigating the “last mile” to the destination address and save personal vehicle settings including navigation, radio and Bluetooth preferences in the cloud and call them up at any time. UVO Connect can be used free of charge for seven years from the initial registration and can be transferred to a new owner when the vehicle is sold.

parking spot parking lot When the car plays hide and seek, the smartphone is in demand!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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