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Tip: How is a window cleaner used correctly?

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Car windows Cleaning windshields Tip: How is a window cleaner used correctly?

A good Window cleaner can help that you can see optimally through your windows of the vehicle. Clean windows not only look good, they are also good for yours own safety helpful. The windows of cars represent the largest areas of the vehicle right after the body and are exposed to all kinds of weather. This makes appropriate care all the more important so that, on the one hand, an attractive appearance and, on the other hand, of course, a clear view without any impairments is guaranteed. As already mentioned, a special Window cleaner a great help here with the regular care of the discs and a great one time savings .

How do I use the window cleaner?

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First of all, you need to remove the coarsest dirt and dust from the glass so that it does not look like some sort of Abrasive particles act and cause unsightly scratches on the window of the vehicle. Then spray the cleaner generously on the window and let the agent take effect briefly. You can find the exact time on the cleaner bottle. Now clean through circular motions the disc and always work from the inside out. Ideally, use a for this special polishing fleece, otherwise it works well Kitchen paperthat doesn't fluff, or one too old cloth Cotton Fabrics

Summer windscreen cleaner and winter windscreen cleaner

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Meanwhile, cleaners are made especially for Summer and for the Winter available. Cleaners specially developed for winter are designed to Salt residue effectively remove, while cleaners for the summer focus on the removal of Insect remains lay. Such special seasonal cleaners are, however not absolutely necessary. Instead, it is much more worthwhile to buy complementary products in order to improve the effectiveness of a conventional cleaner.

Use windscreen spray on the windscreen

frost protection window winter summer spray Tip: How is a window cleaner used correctly?

When it comes to the Facial Cleansing of the Windscreen go you should get a special Window spray use and not one insect cleaneras this is the point of view not improved. Such a spray is usually available in 500ml versions and is so economical that it only has to be bought every few years. This also creates a kind of protective film that lasts for a while Roll off can be absorbed by raindrops.

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