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Sporty look with window scoops! All information about it.

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Window Scoops Louvers quarter Window Tuning e1601216570304 Sporty look with Window Scoops! All information about it.

Window Scoops, in German Shovel window or shovel at the window, are best known from the American muscle car scene. Window scoops are shovel-like covers, comparable to window blinds on the house, which are attached to the rear side windows of vehicles with coupé bodies. In the meantime, there are also window scoops with other shapes, for example with an inlet and outlet opening orthogonal to the roadway. Not only the design of the form has evolved with Window Scoops over time. The covers are now also available in a wide variety of colors. So there are a multitude of possible combinations for friends of the tuner community, be it in the shape or in the color of Window Scoops.

no real function available

Window Scoops Louvers quarter Window Tuning 2 e1601216611454 Sporty look with Window Scoops! All information about it.

In general, the covers have no special technical functionality. They are approximately comparable to tinted or darkened windows and reduce the light transmission. The difference to darkened windows is that both the view from the outside into the car and the view from the inside to the outside are reduced. The real highlight of Window Scoops in contrast to tinted windows is that the look of a vehicle becomes more meaningful in terms of aggressive and biting optics. By choosing the design, you can integrate the visual enhancement, depending on your taste, either discreetly or, on the contrary, exorbitantly on the vehicle. At most, as an open variant on a mid-engine vehicle, they can still be certified as having additional air supply for the engine. In 99% of the cases the Window Scoops are only for show.

What to consider before buying:

Window Scoops Louvers quarter Window Tuning 3 Sporty look with Window Scoops! All information about it.

Before you buy Window Scoops, you should definitely have one Audit authority (TÜV, Dekra & Co.) should be consulted. It is important to clarify whether an attachment to the respective vehicle is even permitted and whether an entry is necessary or possible. If there are no problems with retrofitting the Window Scoops, in the next step, i.e. when buying the covers, you should ensure that the parts really fit the vehicle. What is meant here is not the design, but rather the fit, i.e. the dimensions of the covers. Each vehicle has a specific body shape and therefore different windows with different dimensions. Before attaching, it is advisable to read the operating and assembly instructions carefully. This is recommended for the simple reason that the installation of the individual covers can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and only then can a safe installation be guaranteed. In the event that the Window Scoops replace all of the rear side windows (there are such variants), going to a specialist workshop should be preferred.

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