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Snow chains top speed This is how your car is ideally equipped for the winter Tips!

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are climbing into the basement. In addition, winter is approaching in great strides. It is therefore important to winterize your vehicle. In the following, a few key points are used to explain how the car is well prepared for the darkest time of the year. As early as autumn there is the possibility that temperatures will drop below zero and that winter will suddenly come. In order not to be nastily surprised as a vehicle owner, it is advisable to equip the car in good time for the particularly cool temperatures. Driving a car in black and dark is difficult enough.

Brakes, tires and lighting

defective headlights This is how your car is ideally equipped for the winter Tips!

You don't have to make life difficult by poor preparation. Considered to be very decisive the three Bthat for brakes, tires and Lighting stand. As a driver, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the following things:


Low-pressure tires Balloon tires Tuning Offroad 3 How your car is ideally equipped for the winter Tips!

The right tires are the most important thing at low temperatures. This means that the vehicle must be driven with all-weather or winter tires. This can be recognized by the Alpine symbol. With older tires this is M + S marking to see. You can drive this up to and including September 30, 2024. If the police stop you with the wrong tires in wintry road conditions, they will warn you with a fine of at least 60 euros plus one point in Flensburg. In addition, ask summer tires pose a safety risk, because they have a harder rubber compound compared to winter tires. In addition, there is no lamellar structure, which provides the necessary traction for winter tires. Summer tires spin much faster on slippery roads. The braking distances are dramatically increased due to the unsuitable tires. Winter tires can be used at temperatures of at most 7 degrees Celsius rely on their strengths. For this reason, it is crucial to swap summer for winter bikes at the right time.


Mopar 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Tuning Parts 5 So your car is ideally equipped for winter Tips!

In addition to the function of the car headlights, correct setting is also crucial. It is therefore advisable to visit before the coldest season Light test to go to the workshop. If the lights are not set correctly, the road is illuminated incorrectly or the oncoming traffic is dazzled. Both are considered risky. It is also important to check the headlights for cleanliness before every journey. Especially mud, snow and splash water quickly contaminate the lights in winter. As a result, their luminosity is significantly reduced.


Coolant Glysofor Antifreeze Tuning e1578634786937 So your car is ideally equipped for the winter Tips!

If the cooling water is insufficient Antifreeze and it freezes, the entire cooling system may be damaged. In the worst case, even can Engine damage occur. Therefore, the cooling water is definitely before the first frost to checkwhat easy with a Cooling water spindle of automotive accessories goes. It must show at least minus 20 degrees Celsius when measuring. Otherwise it is advisable to top up the frost protection. However, if the cooling water level is found to be far too low during the test, you have to contact a workshop. The cooling water circuit is considered closed. Over time, however, small amounts can be lost due to evaporation. However, in the event of a major loss, damage will result in a short time.

Washer fluid

Washer fluid Headlight wiper antifreeze e1606134448390 This is how your car is ideally equipped for the winter Tips!

Of course you should also do the Washer fluid Pay attention to sufficient frost protection. Otherwise the cables will freeze or, in the worst case, even be damaged. It is therefore important to replace the mopping water in any case before winter and with one Winter windshield cleaner to replace. Ready mixes are the easiest to use. You fill it in the tank and you're done. Concentrates are to be diluted according to the instructions. It is advisable to observe the correct ratio. Otherwise the cleaning performance will be impaired. Home remedies such as alcohol should not be used. This is because it leaves streaks, which leads to a deterioration in visibility and decomposes the wiper blades and perhaps even the components of the cleaning system.


Brake lubricants Lubricant paste 3 e1580795897175 This is how your car is ideally equipped for the winter Tips!

When it snows or is slippery, the brakes must work without any problems. Therefore it is important to check them again before the dark season. It's best to leave that with the tire change participate. It can be checked directly whether the brake pads and discs are still fully functional. If there is some rust, it usually slows down. Otherwise, the slices should be smooth and without cracks. If grooves or scoring can be seen, the pads may have to be replaced. Or you leave the panes -insofar still possible - turn off. It is also advisable to check the status of brake fluid to control. (this must be taken into account when changing the brake fluid) If the brake fluid is too low, you have to go to a workshop, as this is a sign that there may be a leak or that the brake pads are very worn.


caring for door rubber car rubber care This is how your car is ideally equipped for winter Tips!

At least shortly before the onset of winter, it is advisable to treat the door rubbers and seals with care products so that they do not become porous. Deer tallow containing Products are ideal because they keep the rubbers supple. If you grease door rubbers with it, you won't have frozen doors at the lowest temperatures, but will be able to open them easily.

vehicle battery

teaching battery management system tuning How your car is ideally equipped for winter Tips!

If the already damaged battery is still affected by frost, the car can no longer be started. Caring for the vehicle battery should therefore be considered as early as autumn. With help of a Battery tester there is a possibility to control the tension. If this is 12,6 volts or less, the car's battery is already dead. Connect them to a charger as soon as possible. Especially with many short trips, it is advisable to charge the battery regularly to prevent total failure.

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