Winter is coming: the car is ready!

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BMW IX5 Hydrogen winter testing Arctic Circle 30

Winter always has a surprise in store. If you drive to work in the morning, for example, there is a high probability that a wall of fog will appear. This is normal at this time of year and happens almost every day thanks to the rapidly cooling air. If it gets even colder at night, the first ground frost can come soon. The rule of thumb of O to O, i.e. from October to Easter, is still in use today. Winter tires should be fitted during this period. If you have the tire changed in a workshop, it helps to make an appointment early, as these are limited. You should also make sure that the winter tires still has enough profile. In order to get through the winter, we recommend at least 4 mm. Better, but even more! Incidentally, it is when there is ice or snow mandatoryto have winter tires on the car. If this is not the case, there is a threat Fines (€).

Make sure the lighting works!

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Especially in winter, when the days are getting shorter, it is important that Light works fine. Especially with the aforementioned fog, it is essential to be seen well, but also to see well. So check if your Lighting is set correctly and if you are visible. In addition, it is important that Washing water with antifreeze to provide and the Check wiper blades. If streaks appear on the windscreen caused by the wipers, you should wipe them check and if necessary renew.

Prevent fogged windows!

A damp interior is often the main cause of fogged windows. Moisture gets into the car through all sorts of corners and is therefore normal. However, if it drips inside, one is yours seals broken and that should be fixed quickly, especially in winter. You can also do something about the moisture in the car. There are certain Car Dry Bags, which are placed in the interior and can absorb up to 500 grams of moisture. This keeps the window clear and you can start driving straight away. If you drive off with a fogged up window, it can also lead to a high Fines (€) kommen.

Thick winter clothing Car Dangerous 2 E1641822910992

And also an additional burden Battery is given in winter. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about it. If the car sits for a few days, the battery may already be giving out. Either there is a jumper cable for this Give jump-start help, which you should always carry in the trunk anyway, or small ones battery charger, which let the car start again without any problems. If the battery is flat, then it has to be changed. And as a motorist, make sure you invest in one car wash. Cars are prone to rust, especially in winter. Dirt, salt and constant moisture can cause rust to develop very quickly. Proper care should therefore be of great importance. Tip: You can drive to the car wash even in winter!

Useful tools!

In winter you should always have a basic set consisting of ice scraper, hand broom and a blanket, to counteract the winter. Should one iced window have, the ice scraper helps. However, if you are in a hurry, you can also Snow removal use, which clears the pane in no time at all. And if you want to avoid scratching, one also helps Thermal blanket, which is simply stretched over the windshield in the evening so that you can start driving straight away in the morning. Alternatively, of course, is one Stationary heating system to recommend.

De-icing spray Ice spray winter

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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