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Change wiper blades? We have the information!

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Wiper Spoiler Wiper Spoiler Pressure Booster Tuning 3 Change wiper blades? We have the information!

About a year ago we did with our Test report on the Ecocut Pro one possibility shown, the wiper blades on the vehicle without a swap to get fit again for the next few kilometers. But at some point it happens that the wiper blades have to be replaced with new ones. You can't "cut off" them infinitely often. And with some variants, a refresh from scratch is not possible. So must be complete new Wiper blades. You don't have to go to the workshop for this job, you can easily change the windscreen wipers yourself. In this article we will show you how to do this and what else you need to watch out for.

How does the switch work?

Change wiper blades buy clean Change wiper blades? We have the information!

The windshield wipers are usually attached to the wiper arm using a simple click mechanism. However, the type of attachment is often different from manufacturer to manufacturer, which is why the method for the corresponding vehicle is shown on the packaging of the new windscreen wipers. In order to be able to mount the new windshield wipers, the wipers must first be raised, for which they usually have to be brought into a so-called "service position" beforehand. In modern vehicles, this is done via the vehicle menu in the infotainment system. Now the wipers are perpendicular to the window and can be changed. The process cannot be explained in general via the vehicle menu. How exactly it works differs from car to car - a certain combination of “switching the ignition on and off” and “setting the wiper” up or down is often necessary. You can usually find instructions in the car's manual.

a cloth for safety on the disc

Change wiper blades buy clean 2 e1603350000474 Change wiper blades? We have the information!

If you want to be sure that your pane is not damaged during assembly, you can also put a rag or an old towel on the pane. This prevents possible damage to the glass. It can happen that the wipers snap down while you are changing them. If no wiper blade is installed, the pure metal from the wiper arm hits the windshield. This can certainly lead to breakage or at least to a defect that resembles a rockfall. So it's better to have than to have. After the windshield wipers have been changed, they can be carefully folded down again and placed on the windshield.

Is one cleaning enough?

You don't always have to cut the windshield wipers directly and it doesn't always have to be a completely new set of wipers. Sometimes an intensive cleaning is enough. Cleaning the windshield wipers increases the service life of the rubbers and clean windshield wipers also cause fewer streaks. To clean, fold the wiper arms up or remove the wiper blades directly. However, no products with solvents may be used. That makes the rubbers porous. Instead, you should use detergent or car shampoo in combination with lukewarm water. Simply put the cleaner on a soft cotton cloth and clean the wiper blades from top to bottom without exerting too much pressure. Then dry the rubber lips with a cloth not lint. If there is heavy soiling, cleaning should be carried out with undiluted antifreeze. Regular cleaning of the windshield is also important for a long service life. And if you spray some silicone spray on the rubber lips every few months, the material will remain soft. Incidentally, in winter you should always fold up the windscreen wipers or place a piece of cardboard underneath. So the rubber does not freeze to the window.

The price of new wipers!

Change wiper blades buy clean 3 Change wiper blades? We have the information!

What you ultimately pay for new windshield wipers depends on the vehicle and the manufacturer of the new wipers. However, be careful not to buy the cheapest product, as such products can re-form streaks within a very short time. It is better to have a high-quality product that, as mentioned above, is then processed 1 to 2 times (cut off) can be. New windshield wipers are available on platforms such as Amazon, in hardware stores or at gas stations. In summary, it can be said that you have to reckon with costs of 20 to 40 euros for new wiper blades. By the way, an alternative to changing the complete wiper blades is to replace the rubber wiper blades. But not every vehicle and not every wiper blade is suitable here either. But there is definitely a possibility. Individual wiper rubbers are available by the meter for 2 to 5 €.

What else needs to be considered

When selecting a vehicle, the HSN / TSN should be specified so that the vehicle can be clearly identified. This can be found in the registration certificate part 1 under points 2.1 and 2.2. Wiper blades should always be exchanged in pairs and it is important to note which fastening variant (multi-clip, easy-going, hook, etc.) is required and whether it is, for example, a bracket wiper, flat bar wiper or hybrid wiper. In addition, it should at least be on the driver's side the wipers have a small spoiler. At higher speeds, this ensures better contact pressure on the windshield.

summarized the most important information about the windshield wiper:

  • Windshield wipers need to be replaced regularly
  • Variants: bracket wiper, flat bar wiper, hybrid wiper
  • Manufacturer: Bosch, SWF, Heyner, Aerowischer
  • Ironing wiper (with metal bracket, two-material technology, easy assembly using the quick-clip system, available with spoiler, hook on the wiper arm, for older cars such as Golf III, BMW E30, Mercedes E190, Opel Astra etc.)
    Wipers change wiper blades? We have the information!
  • Flat bar wiper (Aero wipers, as BOSCH Aerotwin, Aerotwin Retrofit, SWF Visioflex Visionext, more efficient, more durable, more comfortable than normal wipers with a metal bracket, flat innovative design, good aerodynamics, longer durability, two-substance technology, streak-free wiping results, integrated spoiler, thorough cleaning at high speeds, often with UV protection, ideal adaptation to the windshield, hardly any contact surface for airflow)
    Change flat wiper blades? We have the information!
  • Hybrid wiper (Manufacturer, for example HEYNER, aerodynamics of the flat bar wiper and the ability of the metal bracket in one system, the wiper is streamlined and stable, universal adapter mount for many vehicles, suitable for winter, very durable, good wiping results even at high speeds, integrated spoilers, hybrid blades are suitable for almost all vehicles because of the patented adapter base)
    Hybrid wiper changing wiper blades? We have the information!
  • What should you watch out for when buying?
    - UV protection
    - hard wiper lip
    - good aerodynamics
    - There should be a spoiler
    - If possible, no no-name or low-budget product
    - Wipers should not be made of natural rubber, but synthetic

PS. In winter you should pay attention to the right antifreeze windscreen cleaner, all information is available in our article on windshield frost protection.

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  1. Hannes Bartschneider

    I now have to replace my wipers and blades. I didn't even realize that you should do things like that regularly. When replacing it, I will put something on the disc so as not to damage it. I found more information here.

  2. Thank you for the post on windshield wiper blades. My uncle is looking for a car glazier to fix stone chips and put in new windshield wiper blades. Good to know that you can swap wiper blades for a while, but at some point you have to buy new ones.

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