Thursday 28rd September 2023

The Wörthersee Messe 2023 has also been cancelled!

The Wörthersee Messe 2023 has also been cancelled!

Due to some inquiries via our contact form for the formerly planned Wörthersee Messe 2023, a short info: It's been canceled for a while! The decision to cancel the GTI Meeting 2023 triggered a wave of announcements for various replacement events. Among these, the Wörthersee 2023 tuning fair seemed particularly promising. Unfortunately, this was canceled again in March. The fair was originally supposed to take place from May 18th to 20th in the Wörtherseehalle in Klagenfurt and it offered a promising concept. Nevertheless, the implementation was cancelled. In March, the organizer stated in the official announcement that the "Tuning Messe Wörthersee 2023" had been organized in a hurry in the past few months. After several weeks of intensive preparations, however, it turned out that the short-term planning in particular was problematic for many exhibitors and that the cost-covering implementation of the trade fair could not be guaranteed.

Wörthersee Fair 2023 cancelled

In addition, there were a large number of event projects in which the important industry players were not interested in holding a joint, well-coordinated event. Due to the circumstances, the decision was made towards the end of March 2023 not to hold the "Tuning Messe Wörthersee 2023" after all. The future of the fair remains unclear. The organizer announces that a new event format for 2024 is being examined. However, a certain degree of restraint when making overly optimistic announcements is appropriate. As is well known, VW has promised wanting to move the GTI meeting to Wolfsburg, which means that "official exhibitors" are likely to spend a large part of their exhibition budget there.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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The Wörthersee Messe 2023 has also been cancelled!

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The Wörthersee Messe 2023 has also been cancelled!

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The Wörthersee Messe 2023 has also been cancelled!

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The Wörthersee Messe 2023 has also been cancelled!

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