With these tips and tricks you can wrap your car yourself!

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Tuning BMW 3er Li G28 Vollfolierung Header With these tips and tricks you can wrap your car yourself!

Instead of one Painting You can also customize your car yourself with the help of different designs or by means of one Advertising lettering foil. For this purpose, we provide you with a few tips and tricks for everything related to applying film to your car.

Why wrap the car at all?

More and more drivers are longing for a great and eye-catching design for the body of the vehicle. Through the optical enhancement the vehicles should remind more of sports cars and tuned cars. For this purpose the so-called Car Wrapping, so the pulling up of adhesive film on the vehicle body, developed into an important topic. In contrast to a rather complex and time-consuming one Painting do that Car Wrapping numerous Advantages with himself. Not only that Attach, but also that Remove the film is much easier than a lengthy painting. In addition, exciting color gradients as well as great patterns or unique image motifs can be attached to the car using foils. Even if you have your vehicle as a Advertising medium want to use car wrapping.

450 PS AUDI RS1 A1 GB quattro Widebody Tuning 2019 2 With these tips and tricks you can wrap your car yourself!

Can you wrap your car yourself or should you leave the work to a professional?

Basically, sticking a film on is of course easier than painting. Still, car wrapping is one very complex work, Which highest precision, a clean space and skilled craftsmanship requires. Only if you know exactly what you are doing can the tailor-made film be attached to the vehicle in such a way that it does embellished. Especially with one Vollfolierung you need a lot of skill and definitely a partner.

For the Printing the plastic film the path to becoming a professional is inevitable. For the production of the adhesive film, it is best to choose a professional one printing house on site or online. Only through professional printing can the desired motifs also be produced in the right color and in the perfect resolution. When you have received your slides, you can decide for yourself whether or not to use them attach yourself would like or prefer to one Professional walk. But keep in mind that once there are wrinkles or tears no longer undone let it do and leave visible traces. So if you are uncertain whether you have enough skill, you better go to one Car professional.

Full wrapping vs. partial wrapping

Whether your car is now wrap yourself or let the professional work also depends on the Size of the slide and the subject. A Vollfolierung belongs to Supreme discipline, because the entire body is covered with foil. With a full wrap, you can get a new one, for example Painting save. The slides that are for a Vollfolierung must be applied, but are quite large and must therefore very precise be attached. For a full wrap should therefore always a professional to be visited.

carbon mirror caps e1612532463593 With these tips and tricks you can wrap your car yourself!

At a Teilfolierung the film is only applied to individual areas of the body, such as the doors or just the mirror caps. Also a Pasting the discs is basically possible. Companies in particular like to make use of this option Slogans, Phone numbers or the Company Logo to be attached to vehicles. To Teilfolierung Foils used are usually small and therefore easier to apply. You can therefore attach these yourself if you have a little skill and work properly.

It is essential that you follow these guidelines when wrapping your car:

In order to be able to apply the adhesive film perfectly, the External conditions to be perfect. Make sure the subfloor free from dirt and dust is. Balance larger Risse or Paint damage necessarily before foiling off, otherwise it arises none flat surface.

A big issue in the course of a foiling are those wrinkles. Even if you apply the film very precisely, you can small air bubbles form. This can happen even to the professional. But the professional usually has enough experience and skills, as well as the right ones Tools in order to be able to limit the formation of bubbles.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster Rockfall Protection Foil PPF 16 With these tips and tricks you can wrap your car yourself!

That also plays a decisive role Ambient temperature. Experts recommend an outside temperature of during wrapping ca 20 ° C or a little more so that the film adheres perfectly. At lower or higher temperatures, the film can pull together or expand. The consequences only show up for a few hours or a few days after foiling. In the worst case, the film can also be too high or too low during the filming process tear down or larger wrinkles form.

Summary of all relevant information:

For car wrapping you will need:
- a high-quality printed adhesive film
- a plastic squeegee for smoothing
- a special detergent
- definitely 2 people if you have one Vollfolierung want to do
- Release agent, in case you want to remove the film again later

The vehicle must meet the following requirements:
- a clean surface
- as level a surface as possible
- No existing rust or paint damage

Zinc paste assembly paste rust protection tuning 3 With these tips and tricks you can wrap your car yourself!

You will have to pay these costs:
- Slides for one Teilfolierung cost between 100 and 200 Euros
- Slides for one Vollfolierung cost between 300 and 1.000 Euros
- you should also have a few hundred euros Count on working hours if you have a professional do the wrapping

Wrapping your car yourself: an overview of the advantages and disadvantages
- If you wrap your car yourself, the individual design options and cost savings are of course among the clear ones Advantages.
- However, there can also be disadvantages if you wrap the car yourself. Because the work is very time consuming, must express precise and it can lead to the formation of unsightly ones Vesicles kommen.

A quick guide and a few tips for wrapping a vehicle:

In you should commission the printing of the plastic film. At least if there is something Skate should be. You will need the exact dimensions of your vehiclewhich you dem Vehicle manual or the Internet can be found. In this way you can avoid that a few centimeters of the original surface are not covered with foil. When you have the finished slide, you need the vehicle body clean thoroughly and the surface carefully after cleaning dry. When you slide the should not want to have it on the vehicle forever, then you should definitely have one Release agents apply, which later peel off the film considerably facilitated. When the release agent has been applied and has dried again, you can start applying the actual film.

To do this, loosen the at one corner protective layer off the adhesive film and put it in place exactly on the body. Now the second person comes into play, because ideally one person holds the film in the correct position while the second person carefully removes other parts of the protective film and attaches the film smoothly to the body and means Plastic squeegee smooths out. Even if you have attached the film correctly, you will discover small bubbles after a few hours, but these usually disappear quickly again by itself. If this is not the case, simply prick the blisters with a needle and then smooth the area.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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  1. I have a new car and would like to apply a car film to upgrade the car. I wasn't even aware that you have to work very precisely and cleanly when applying the film and that it is best to do the work together with a partner. But I'll also look around for a suitable workshop, maybe I'll have it done professionally then.

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