You can repair these dents on your car yourself!

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QUIXX dent repair set lead story You can repair these dents on your car yourself!

Sometimes your car seems to attract dents like a magnet. But run straight to the workshop every time? That becomes expensive even with Smart Repair! The good news: You can repair a lot of minor damage yourself with the right tools and a little skill, even without prior knowledge. QUIXX, the surface rescuers from Neuried near Munich, offer an interesting solution with the dent repair set for € 19,95. The experts explain which types of damage do-it-yourself repairs definitely make sense and which do not. The company also explains why most of the “insider tips” that can be found on the Internet often do more harm than good.

QUIXX explains: You can repair these dents on your car yourself

1 QUIXX dent repair set dent You can repair these dents on your car yourself!

The QUIXX dent repair set is suitable for most dents in flat body panels and does not damage the paintwork. Soft edges are necessary for successful do-it-yourself, but in most cases this is the case. In the case of sharp edges or hard creases, however, the professional has to continue to work. Complex shaped parts and edge areas can also be problematic. Another taboo is damaged paintwork: since the dents are pulled using a special hot glue, the surface can otherwise be destroyed. And another note: the dent must be larger than the tension plate used. But don't worry: QUIXX includes three different formats. The dent repair set only has to fit with tiny or punctiform indentations. The sheer number of dents present - for example in the case of damage from hail - does not, however, speak against a do-it-yourself repair. The set is very economical and, if necessary, can be done in stages. Another tip for an optimal result: 18 to 30 degrees Celsius are optimal for the application, so in winter you should work in a garage or hall or wait for a warm day.

But what about the alternative of the various “home remedies” that are also supposed to help against dents in the sheet metal? Often mentioned here are hairdryers, the interplay of heat gun and ice spray or conventional hot glue, which is not intended for this task, in combination with a pin. All of these suggestions carry a high risk of damaging even an intact paintwork. With pulling methods without a special frame, there is also the risk that the sheet metal will come out too far and the dent will become a dent. With dedicated dent repair kits such as the QUIXX product, these dangers do not exist. The application is explained below.

Use of the QUIXX dent repair set

The folding box made of FSC-certified wood contains everything you need for the repair: the repair bracket, three pull plates of different sizes, a hot glue gun including "ammunition" and a plastic pen to remove glue residues. The all-inclusive concept is practical, especially for laypeople, as no additional tools are required. In addition, QUIXX only recommends glass cleaner or a comparable product in order to thoroughly clean the repair area beforehand. And so it goes on: Select the pulling plate that matches the size of the dent, coat it with the hot glue from the preheated gun and press it in the middle of the dent. In the next step, the repair bracket is placed over the screw on the tension plate and tightened until the dent comes out. Complete!

QUIXX before after dent You can repair these dents on your car yourself!

If there is any adhesive residue on the sheet metal, the plastic pen included in the set is used. The entire process is explained step by step in the QUIXX video tutorial. If the result is not yet satisfactory, the process is simply repeated. The enclosed special adhesive is sufficient for several applications.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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