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Contest the fine? This is how the objection works!

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xv3 speed camera Leivtec contest penalty notice? This is how the objection works!

If you were traveling too fast with the vehicle and for example flashed were, or have passed the traffic light when it is red, then you may threaten Fines (€) and maybe also Points in Flensburg. But if you think that's the penalty is not legalthen you can against it Action. However, it is important that all deadlines are met.

Contest the fine

Many drivers are familiar with the problem: the moment you are driving too fast, you are already flashed and have to pay an expensive fine. However, if you feel that the penalty is not justified, you can oppose it within 2 weeks of receipt raise an objection by mail. Is it an offense with a penalty? up to 55 Euro only threatens a warning money (warning money), which by means of a payment request normal mail is demanded.

Fine notice Speed ​​camera fee Objection 3 Appeal fine notice? This is how the objection works!

Notices of fines for more than 60 euros - registered mail

From a sum of 60 Euros are notices of fines by registered mail sent. For this reason there are still additional 25 euros procedural fee and the cost of delivery to. Against such a fine notice must within 2 weeks Appeals are raised if there are inconsistencies in the alleged offense for them. The two-week period begins with the delivery of the notification in the recipient's mailbox. If you file an objection, there will usually be a hearing before the District Court.

Tip: You can find the current catalog of fines HERE. And a calculation of the impending penalty can be made HERE be made.

The decision will automatically become legally binding after 2 weeks!

Receives the notice of the fine Hearing sheet ahead, the authority gives you the opportunity to comment on the offense. This includes personal information mandatory, however, you must be accused cannot express compellingly. If two weeks pass after receiving the fine and no objection has been lodged, then the notification will be issued legally binding. After that you can no further verification more take place and the fine has to be paid. However, if you missed the objection deadline through no fault of your own, and you can to prove, then one can Reinstatement requested and the proceedings are continued.

Judgment on traffic law, penalty, challenge notice of fines? This is how the objection works!

Basically, you should make an objection always see a traffic lawyer. They can best advise you and give you detailed information on which objections are promising and which have no chance. The traffic lawyer can also explain to you whether the effort for the objection and a possible court hearing at all in relation to the impending punishment and the points in Flensburg.

A logbook can be requested

If you object and say, for example, that you did not drive yourself, then you can continue to drive one Logbook be condemned. If you have the Correctness of the speed measurement doubt, then you need an insight into the fine file. It can be a lawyer be helpful. However, in such a case, you must be with Appraisal costs expected.

Should you be pulled out of the traffic by the police immediately after the offense, then you must between Warning and fines can be distinguished. Warning fines can directly on the spot get paid. If you do not want this, you can also receive it by post. However, a fine always attracts one postal delivery with yourself and cannot be paid for directly on site.

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