Tinting car windows: What is allowed and how does it work?

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Cars with tinted windows not only look more stylish. Tinting the discs even has several advantages. They protect against prying eyes and provide good protection against annoying sun rays. So if you want to have your car windows tinted, you can benefit from many advantages. But is tinting the windows on the vehicles allowed without restrictions? And does a professional always have to do the work?

What should be considered when tinting car windows?

We all love sunlight - but it can be annoying when driving. Many people therefore want tinted car windows in order to be able to drive more safely and comfortably on the road. But is it allowed to tint all car windows? Unfortunately not, even if many car owners would like that. The tinting of the windscreen is restricted by the StVZO, for example. According to paragraph 40 paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, all panes must also be made of safety glass or a glass-like material that does not cause serious injuries in an emergency. To ensure safety, the windscreen must also be translucent and distortion-free.

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A blackout film is therefore allowed not be placed on the windshield. Only a 10 cm wide tinted stripe may be attached to the upper area of ​​the screen if a type approval present. The situation is different with the rear window and the rear side windows. On this may a tinting film attached if it is supplied with a general ABG (type approval). The ABG should always be carried in the vehicle to be on the safe side during police checks or general inspections. But can everyone put a tint film on their car? YES!

How do you tint the side and rear windows?

Tinting the discs is particularly popular in the autotuning sector. However, only the rear windows and the rear car windows may be completely tinted. Just as the windscreen may not be provided with tinted film, the front driver's and front passenger's windows are also excluded from tinting. Hintergrund: the driver must always have a clear / distortion-free view of the road and other road users while driving.

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If the rear windows are to be tinted, interested parties can choose from a large selection of different tinted films. These come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be used on almost any car. If you are unsure how to tint your windows, it is better to have the work done by a professional. However, it is also possible to apply the film to the panes yourself. In order not to incorporate air holes or cracks, however, skill and care are important when attaching.

How does the application of tinted car films work?

First, lay out the right tinted film and make sure that the respective car windows are free of dirt and dust. The film is always applied on the inside, whereby the serial number of the film must be visible on each tinted window (clearly visible in the area of ​​the foil). Now cut the foil roughly to size and put a spray bottle with lye and the included squeegee within reach. A hair dryer can also be used if necessary.

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Now spray the pane evenly with the lye and remove the protection from the film. Place the window tinting film on the desired pane and carefully use the squeegee to spread it in the middle from the inside to the outside. It is important to ensure that the lye and air bubbles are removed over the edge to the outside. If the fit is perfect, the foil dries and stays in place permanently.


  • A conventional hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying process and remove any blemishes. The heat causes the lye to evaporate more quickly and the film also becomes softer. This makes it possible to avoid air pockets.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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