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That's how long electric cars drive tax-free and what it then costs!

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Citroen DS EV Elektroumbau Electrogenic Elektromod Tuning 14 This is how long electric cars drive tax-free and what it costs!

Hydrogen powered Fuel cell vehicles and Electric cars should actually be sold rapidly off the production line at the moment and not just stand around at the dealer. The reason for this is that hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles and electric cars are currently being subsidized by the federal government with financial incentives. This includes about one call premium, but also a cheaper one taxation as a company car and ultimately the exemption from the Road tax. If it is a car with a combustion engine, then the road tax is calculated according to the cubic capacity and the vehicle's pollutant emissions. However, the fact that a purchased hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle or electric car remains tax-exempt not forever like this. There is also a time limit here. Owners of older e-models already have to pay vehicle tax.

Tax exemption for e-cars - how long?

Mercedes Benz Concept EQG 2021 g class Elektro 2 This is how long electric cars drive tax-free and what it costs!

Ten years ago - that is, in 2011 - the Tax exemption for electric cars Launched by the federal government and should apply for a maximum of 10 years after initial registration. The tax exemption was limited until 31. December 2020. So if you bought an electric car in 2015 or 2016, you had to assume that you would have to pay road tax from 2021. But it came to that after all should not. Because the federal government decided before December 31, 2020 that the deadline for another decade is extended if an electric car by the end of 2025 is bought. So if you bought an electric car in 2020, you now have it until December 31, 2030 no road tax to be paid. Of course, this end point only applies if the federal government does not extend this deadline again.

Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) - does the vehicle tax exemption also apply to them?

The exemption from vehicle tax applies to plug-in hybrids should not. Also for electric vehicles with a combustion engine that recharges the battery (range extender), not applicable the exemption from road tax. The tax is calculated for the plug-in hybrids - as usual with combustion engines - About engine size and CO2 emissions. If the vehicle is a fuel cell car, consists on the other hand the tax exemption.

Opel Astra 516815 That's how long electric cars drive tax-free and what it costs!
2020 Opel Astra Hybrid

How much is the vehicle tax after the exemption has expired?

If an electric car no longer falls under the ten-year exemption, i.e. in the 11th year after the first registration, the vehicle tax is calculated according to §9 paragraph 3 of the Motor Vehicle Tax Act. The permissible basis is then used as the basis for calculation Total weight of the vehicle. For every 200 kilograms or part thereof, the total weight is up to 2.000 kg 11,25 Euros due. From 2.000 to 3.000 kilograms it is an amount of 12,02 Euros. And it is from 3.000 to 3.500 kilograms 12,78 Euros. In the end, however, there is a 50 percent discount on the resulting amount. An example may make this clearer:

  • A Volkswagen ID.4, which has a gross vehicle weight of 1.965 kilograms and is therefore less than 2.000 kilograms, for which the vehicle tax is calculated as follows:
    - 10 x 11,25 euros = 112,50 Euros and the whole by two do annually 56,25 Euros to road tax.

Do you have to apply for the exemption yourself?

When the vehicle is registered, the data is transmitted to the competent authority, which determines the vehicle tax. The owners of an electric car must therefore be exempt from the tax do not apply yourself.

Tax exemption also valid for used electric cars?

The exemption from vehicle tax applies even when buying a used electric car. This tax exemption then applies until the end - so for a maximum of ten years - after initial registration, at the latest by 31. December 2030 for vehicles that from January 01, 2021 were admitted.

Converted combustion to electric - what about the tax exemption here?

Anyone who buys an electric car that was once a combustion engine (so a so-called Electric mod), which has also been exempt from vehicle tax for ten years since 2016. The discount begins on the day of the upgrade, but of course one for them general operating permit must have been granted.

Lada Niva 4x4 Elantrie Elektromod 3 This is how long electric cars drive tax-free and what it costs!

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