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The short report for the assessment of minor damage!

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Accident Scratches Assessment Quotation The short assessment to assess minor damage!

In a so-called short report for motor vehicles, the respective vehicle is usually checked by a state-certified vehicle expert, usually after an accident. The reason for such an expert opinion is usually minor accidents or park crimes, so-called minor damage, which are usually classified as insignificant and are below the minor damage limit. To prepare the short report, all relevant evidence, as with a normal report, is recorded by the expert and documented in words and pictures. Based on the detailed recording of the vehicle's condition, the repair costs incurred can subsequently be extrapolated by the expert. You can protect yourself with a short report and also prove that you have suffered damage afterwards.

Advantages of the short vehicle report?

Appraisal report Tuning Oldtimer KFZ Gutachten 2 The short appraisal to assess minor damage!

A short report primarily serves to secure all evidence and damage that the accident has brought about. In contrast to a cost estimate, a short report not only documents all the damage found, but also the respective extent of damage. If further defects are found during the later repair of the vehicle, or if legal proceedings result from the accident, an expert can provide a comprehensive report based on the short report without much effort. However, this possibility does not arise if you have only obtained a cost estimate after the accident. However, there is an argument in favor of a cost estimate that, in the course of the commissioning of the repair, many workshops credit the fees incurred by the preparation of the cost estimate. However, if you want to have the damage paid out, always make sure that the opposing insurance company is liable for the estimate and deduct any items such as VAT or costs for a rental car as a precaution.

What are the costs for the short report?

Accident Scratches Assessment cost 2 The short assessment to assess minor damage!

Basically, the cost of producing a short report is not much higher than the cost of a cost estimate. In general, the costs for such an appraisal are made up of a general basic fee and the fees for the creation of photographs. Postage, writing and telephone costs are also charged by the appraiser. In individual cases, travel expenses can also be charged. But what is the difference between a short report and a comprehensive vehicle damage report? Basically, a short report differs from an extensive damage report only in a few points.

With both reports, possible repair costs including material costs and working hours are calculated, the overall condition of the vehicle is documented, previous and old damage is recorded, the respective damage is documented using pictures, the worthiness of repair or the replacement value is shown and any defects are shown that could lead to further repairs . In addition, in the case of a complete damage report, in contrast to a short report, the depreciation and the residual value of the vehicle, as well as the compensation for loss of use and the current driving ability of the vehicle are documented.

To summarize the most important information:

  • Brief reports are generally intended for securing evidence even in the event of minor damage amounting to approx. € 750 (minor accidents, parking bumps, etc.)
  • Brief report serves as security and documentation
  • Assumption of the expert's costs is often rejected by the opposing insurance company
  • Costs are based on the extent of the damage
  • Brief reports are more meaningful
  • A short report is the basis for a evidence-securing damage report in the event of a legal dispute
  • Brief reports can also be reimbursed, as the Bad Oeynhausen District Court ruled on December 30, 2013 (AZ: 18 C 329/13) - in the specific case, it was about a repair cost of 76,76 euros

DARWINPRO Mercedes AMG GT 4-door Coupé X 290 body kit tuning 1 The short report to assess minor damage!

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Interesting facts about the classic car full report for the classic!

Oldtimer full report% C2% A723 stvzo 1 1 e1593500713337 310x165 The short report for the assessment of minor damage!

Driving license & driving license - you should know that!

F% C3% BCrider license driver's license provisions law 310x165 The short report for the assessment of minor damage!

For approval of the classic - the § 21 STVZO full report

Full report costs motorcycle Dekra Auto T% C3% 9CV e1593169288115 310x165 The short report for the assessment of minor damage!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 The brief report for assessing minor damage!

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  1. I didn't know that there was a way to get an on-site appraisal even for minor damage. I would have had severe cracks on my car a couple of times, but had to repair everything myself. Next time I'll definitely do it to save my 750 euros. While looking for more information I came across this page: autolackiererei-frank

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