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German environmental aid calls for a ban on motorcycle driving in Germany!

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German environmental aid calls for a ban on motorcycle driving in Germany!

Which in our opinion is completely useless Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) has loud Motorcycle online launched a new campaign that could cause a stir in Germany. At the center is a proposal for Motorcycle driving bans, based on the “Tyrolean model“, but with a significant one intensification: A driving ban for motorcycles with a stationary noise above 90 decibels. The initiative could have far-reaching consequences for motorcyclists in Germany. On June 26, 2023, the Holzminden district council decided to allow the DUH to carry out the “Motorcycle noise pilot project“to entrust. With a budget of EUR 100.000, financed by the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment, the DUH has developed a catalog of measures for the district.

DUH calls for a ban on motorcycle driving

The key point is “Noise breaks“: On certain weekends, selected routes should be completely closed to motorcycles. The planned closures particularly affect the L550 and the B241. The DUH's approach is of course highly controversial, as it actually amounts to one Complete lock for the most "legal motorcycles“runs out on weekends from April to October. The strategy that targets motorcyclists is already (rightly) hotly debated in forums and communities. What is interesting is that the stationary noise, which is mentioned in the registration certificates U.1 noted, is not directly correlated with the noise generated while driving.

German environmental aid calls for a ban on motorcycle driving in Germany!

The police use the value for controls benchmark. This means that there is a high level of stationary noise not necessarily indicates that the legal driving noise limit has been exceeded. The DUH, which has clearly positioned itself with the initiative, has been criticized for a long time. Many fear that the pilot project, if successful, could have far-reaching effects on motorcycle culture and ultimately on our economy in Germany. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop and whether the project will ultimately be implemented (hoffentlich) will fail with all bang and trumpets or not. We would be in favor of a pilot project instead “tuningblog calls for a DUH ban“, of course financed by taxpayers’ money.

German environmental aid calls for a ban on motorcycle driving in Germany!

That wasn't it yet.

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German environmental aid calls for a ban on motorcycle driving in Germany!

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German environmental aid calls for a ban on motorcycle driving in Germany!
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  1. This is a clear discriminatory measure against motorcyclists! This action may increase the risk of accidents, as the driver feels compelled to drive behind us at 60 km/h on some routes because we are not allowed to drive faster. So what will happen, the driver will be stopped to do risky overtaking maneuvers...then an accident. Let alone the truck drivers. The police should show more presence and, if necessary, get the hooligans off the street.

  2. Hello Thomas,
    Don't you think it's a bit exaggerated to write that the German Environmental Aid is calling for a ban on motorcycling in Germany? I can't find anywhere that they require this.

    I also think that tuners in particular have a special responsibility for the topic of exhaust tuning and should perhaps deal with the topic in a more objective and problem-oriented manner rather than painting the devil on the wall and stirring up emotions (with half-truths).

    • Hi,

      well, what do you think they will aim for if the pilot project is successful? I don't think it's excessive. How it calls into the forest and so on... And as a blogger, I can definitely allow myself a few emotions. No offense…

      VG Tom

  3. German environmental aid is an extension of German politics, which is financially supported with tax money, including from motorcyclists.
    As already written, a completely useless, one-sided orientation that is fully available to the prohibitive culture of the so-called self-proclaimed moral apostles, the Greens (minority party).
    We also have this so-called “environmental aid” to thank for our completely inappropriate “environmental zones” and the wonderfully cheap (5 euro donation for nothing!) environmental zone labeling stickers.
    Even the ADAC, also a degenerate organization (representing drivers) financed by members and future ex-members (me), contributes to this whole policy of contempt for motorcyclists.
    Since I am a driver (field service) and passionate motorcyclist, I reject any further restrictions on my freedom!
    Imagine if skiing were banned!
    This outcry from “leisure-oriented environmental destroyers” (grin) would even frighten “DUH”.
    “DUH” ban is necessary!!

  4. Very good decision. I'm looking forward to all the Harley riders being able to push their bikes.
    The parts are so loud.

    • Siegfried Bernhardt

      Sure, for people who like to drive around for fun and pollute the environment with noise and exhaust fumes, the DUH is a useless organization. For people like me, however, who are more interested in protecting the environment in question and are also specifically affected by motorcycle noise, the work of the DUH is more than worth all the tax money and also my own monthly donation.
      And by the way, a petition was started by exactly these people.

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