Interesting facts about seat belts and seat belts in Germany!

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Belt exemption with seatbelts compulsory Punishment 1 Interesting facts about the belt or seatbelt compulsory in Germany!

Due to the high number of accidents, a general seat belt requirement for drivers was introduced in Germany in 1974 and a general seat belt requirement in 1979. Since then, all car manufacturers have also been required by law to equip their vehicles with seat belts as standard. In the Federal Republic of Germany, however, the seat belt requirement was only set by law very late, because vehicle manufacturers in the United States have been obliged to equip their vehicles with seat belts since the early 1960s. Seat belts apply to all road users and only see under certain conditions (Belt exemption) clearly defined exemptions. More information here.

legal basis of the seat belt requirement

Seatbelt duty seatbelt law penalties fee e1594720135765 Interesting facts about seatbelt or seatbelt duty in Germany!

As already mentioned, since 1979 all occupants of a vehicle, not only the driver himself, but also the passenger and all other people who are in the vehicle in the back seat or other rows of seats must be buckled up if the vehicle is actively participating in road traffic. All legal foundations and regulations relating to the obligation to wear a seat belt can be found in Section 21a of the Road Traffic Regulations. There are, however, a few exceptions to the obligation to wear a seat belt, which are also regulated in Section 21a of the Road Traffic Regulations. Sentences 2-6 of the first paragraph define exceptions such as journeys at walking pace or door-to-door traffic, in which people leave the vehicle at short intervals (e.g. parcel deliverer). There are also exemptions for journeys in buses and vintage cars that were registered before April 1970 and are still in their original condition. For example, vintage cars manufactured before 1970 do not have to wear seat belts because the vehicles are not equipped with seat belts. More information in our contribution to belt release.

Special case - transportation of animals

Dog transport box Dog box retrofitting trunk 2 e1594716459538 Interesting facts about the seat belt or seat belt in Germany!

Another special case concerns the transportation of animals. Since animals are not regarded as passengers or passengers, but as loads, they only have to be secured in the vehicle in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations in such a way that they cannot become a safety risk in the event of full braking or an evasive maneuver. Here you should either on one Transportbox fall back on or at least on one Pet pack or Even car ceiling with Cover Tape.

Fines for non-compliance

A fine for disregarding the seat belt requirement has not always been an integral part of the regulation. Exactly defined regulations on fines have only existed since 1984. The regulation on fines begins with simple warning fines and leads to points in Flensburg. A less serious offense is, for example, if a person is not wearing a seat belt while driving. In such a case, a fine of 30 euros is currently due. A more serious violation of the seat belt requirement is against it if one or more children neither in the Child seat still be strapped. Such a disregard would be punished with a fine of at least 60 euros and a point in Flensburg.

While driving
030 Euros
Child unbuckled
taken away
030 Euros
several children unbuckled
taken away
035 Euros
Child with no safety in the car
taken away
(no belt + no child seat)
160 Euros
several children
buckled up
(no belt + no child seat)
170 Euros

The obligation to buckle up applies not only to children but also to pregnant women. This is by no means clear to everyone and is often questioned. Children up to a height of 150 cm or an age of 12 years are also required to have a child seat. It is necessary for the seat belt to grip properly. In rare cases, there is a temporary exemption for pregnant women if they receive a corresponding certificate from the attending physician.

A seat belt for pregnant women is better

And according to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), a coach with a year of construction must also ab October 1, 1999 a belt to buckle up will be available. However, buses before October 99 do not have to be retrofitted. Public buses generally get by without seat belts. There is no obligation to buckle up even if seat belts are present. And the bus driver and other bus operators do not have to buckle up either.

There are also fines in the taxi!

Since October 30, 2014, drivers of rental cars or taxis have also been fined if they are not buckled up. So there is no longer a general extra sausage. Things worth knowing about seatbelts: Pioneer work in the field of seat belts was done by engineer Nils Ivar Bohlin, who had his invention, the three-point seat belt, patented in 1959. This type of seat belt has proven itself to this day and is largely responsible for increasing traffic safety.

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