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Sunday driving ban for bikers in Austria!

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Recently updated on September 23, 2020 at 06:38 am

Sunday driving ban for bikers in Austria!

As if the current catalog of fines was not enough, the discussed driving ban for motorbikes on weekends now seems to be becoming more and more concrete. And a first Sunday driving ban for bikers has now been issued in Austria and applies to motorcycles that are louder than 95 decibels. So by no means only custom bikes with exhaust system accessories! In Tyrol, loud motorbikes are NOT allowed to drive in a special district on a Sunday from June 10th. And there are very similar plans for Germany! For several weeks now, there has also been consideration of bans on Sundays and public holidays for loud motorcycles. Austria is currently testing the ban in the Reutte region in Tyrol. Bikes that are louder than 95 dB are no longer allowed to use the popular mountain routes west of Garmisch-Partenkirchen from June 10, 2020. For the time being, the driving ban applies every Sunday until October 31. And it apparently even includes destination, source and neighboring traffic. In other words, local residents are no longer allowed to ride motorbikes there! Failure to abide by this will result in a penalty of € 220.

new group: NO motorcycle driving ban

Sunday driving ban for bikers in Austria!

And one would like to achieve very similar restrictions in this country with motorcycle driving bans on Sundays and public holidays. Only the catastrophically whirring e-bikes would still be allowed. Fortunately, an online petition entitled "No driving bans for motorbikes on Sundays and public holidays“Which after a short time reached the necessary 50.000 supporters for a hearing in the responsible bodies. There are currently more than 145.000 people (Updated 03.06.2020) interested in stopping the project. And we also want to participate and therefore have our group "NO motorcycle driving ban" founded to provide regular information on this topic and support the petition. We hope that we can do our part to stop the project consistently. Once again one tries to restrict the free development with prohibitions and the topic "equality of road users" is consistently disregarded here as we think.

Sunday driving ban for bikers in Austria!

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Sunday driving ban for bikers in Austria!

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Sunday driving ban for bikers in Austria!

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Sunday driving ban for bikers in Austria!

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  1. Why is it actually based on the "standing noise"? You actually drive on the road and don't stand around. But the driving noise is often quieter and you wouldn't hit the masses. A Tuono V4 has a registered stationary noise of 103 db, but the driving noise is only 79 DB.

  2. And hasn't the police in Austria recently been equipped with the Ducati Multistrada? It has 103 dB of stationary noise. But there is surely an exception, right?

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