Vehicles that you can drive with a moped license!

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Opel Rocks E City Stromer SUM 18

What kind of car can actually be driven with a moped license? Can a vehicle with a roof be driven without a driver's license? Ja, there are those on the vehicle market for that light truck, that is a solution between a moped and a car. You will also like as Moped cars or moped cars. But is such a light vehicle a real replacement for a car? As a German volume manufacturer, Opel has with the Rocks-e ventured into the segment below classic passenger cars for the first time. The Rocks-e is only 2,41 meters long. It's like a cube on four wheels. With a price of 7.990 euros, it is actually below a conventional small car. Such vehicles are a new invention, however will not.

On tour with a mini car instead of a moped

Such light vehicles may already be driven from the age of 15. Usually it requires for this no driver's license. In most cases, one is sufficient AM driving license. This is the driver's license that is required for the moped. Since the summer of 2021, the AM driving license can be obtained with 15 years be used. For some models, even the moped test certificate (moped driving license) is sufficient. The insurance is handled at a flat rate and cheaply, as with a moped, via the license plate. It's falling no road tax

Such a light truck has four wheels, up to two seats, no more than four kW power, weighs no more than 425 kilograms and drives maximum 45 km/h. For this, on almost all Crash tests omitted and there are no requirements for safety equipment, which must be present as standard. In order for a conventional car to be registered, it needs ABS, airbags, belts and ESP, while the minis only need the belts and maybe an airbag. And a moped car must also not for the main inspection.

It all started with the bubble car!

Messerschmitt cabin scooter KR 202 Sport KR E 5000 8

It's not new to move around in a minimalist way. It used to be vehicles like the BMW Isetta or the bubble car by Messerschmitt. These vehicles had their heyday in the 50s. Since 2004 there are for such vehicles Driving license class S. The new driver's license class made it possible for 16-year-olds to switch to a four-wheel model. There is a large supply, which comes mainly from Italy and France, because there are many more of these vehicles on the road. Manufacturers are, for example, Aixam, Casalini, ligier or Piaggio. The vehicles are priced between 9.000 and 22.000 euros. The drive also offers variety. There are classic combustion engines, pure electric vehicles and hybrids. self one Convertible or a practical one Pickup are available.

The small e-cars get a tailwind.

And the light vehicle class is also driving electrification. Large and expensive batteries are not required and the ranges do not have to be huge. So it is not surprising that Renault Twizy approved for the vehicle class. Microlino is a lateral entrant that has an electric Isetta at the start and there are also other models from the niche, such as the ACM City One. There are many reasons that speak for the small vehicles, especially for city trips. And from the parents' point of view, it's somehow better to know that the children come out of the disco in a mini car instead of a moped or the night bus.

Small cars and novice drivers

The small vehicles solve many problems, but they also create new ones. As already mentioned, there are no official crash regulations, which is reflected in the sobering results of various tests with regard to impact protection. But is that better with a moped? Many also do not have good driving stability. But is that better with a moped in winter? There are also young drivers who don't have a lot of experience and actually learned on a two-wheeler and then simply switch to four wheels. That's true! And don't forget the other road users. Mopeds recognize pedestrians immediately. Light trucks are easily mistaken for a conventional small car. Acceleration and speed are not correctly judged. This can lead to dangerous situations. But here, too, we see no real advantage for mopeds. Here, too, many road users often misjudge the speeds!

Ideal for trips through the city

Aixam GTO moped

Small cars are ideal for the city. Of course, they are less suitable for longer cross-country journeys. Of night drives and tours outside of the village should be refrained from. In our eyes, all this also applies to mopeds! The most positive is in any case the roof over your head and one, albeit extremely small, crumple zone. No matter how good or bad the latter is, it always is larger than the moped! Only the high four to five-digit purchase price is still a real killer argument. However, there is some possibility here Leases and maybe soon by means of Car SUBSCRIPTION. By the way, also one Tuning can be done on the Moppedauto. Basically, there are hardly any differences to normal vehicles. So there are rims, chassis, body kits, interior components & Co. But there should always be one with the tuning parts for the moped car ABE or a Teilegutachten for legal use, so not just one Follow-up training/advanced seminar becomes due.

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The garage is for the car! There are penalties for misuse.

Great full parking possibility penalty parking lot e1642397625957 310x165 The garage is there for the car! There are penalties for misuse.

Radar warning devices: fines and even imprisonment threaten!

Neoline X COP 9100s 9300S Dashcam Hybrid Radar Detector Test 15 310x165 Radar Warning Devices: Fines and even imprisonment threaten!

Catalog of fines 2021/2022 - that will be more expensive!

Fine catalog 2021 2022 changes 310x165 fine catalog 2021/2022 that will be more expensive!

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