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Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

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Alarm system Immobilizer anti-theft protection tuning 3 e1570532215866 Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

Is the acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system when unlocking and locking (acoustic signal when locking) permitted by law via the horn or the alarm system? This is a question that comes up often, but cannot be answered exactly by many. There are countless countries in which acoustic acknowledgment is legally permitted and has been part of everyday life for decades. The US would be a good example. However, locking or unlocking a vehicle is permitted in Germany if it is confirmed with an acoustic signal. We try to clarify these questions clearly.

Chirp function not permitted in D!

Alarm system Immobilizer anti-theft protection tuning 2 e1570532175336 Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

And then the bad news comes. Because the acoustics, often called the chirp function, are in Germany not permitted! The chirp function violates the following articles of the Road Traffic Regulations: §1 Paragraph 2; StVO §16 paragraph 1; StVO §30 Paragraph 1; StVZO §35e Paragraph 1; StVZO §55 Section 4 and Directive 95/56 / EC. It is correct according to (StVo §16: (1)) that acoustic and light signals may only be given by those who overtake outside a built-up area (§ 5 Paragraph 5) or who see themselves or others in danger.

It is forbidden for sound signals to consist of a sequence of different high tones.

Chirp module acoustic acknowledgment Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

In §38b StVZO - alarm devices it was stipulated that acoustic signals must not consist of a sequence of different high tones. As far as the vehicles ex works with Theft alarm systems are equipped, these alarm systems must not respond to vibrations from a vehicle or to noises. The standard built-in horn or a second horn must be used to emit acoustic signals, but not both may emit signals at the same time. For the sound and the volume - a maximum of 105dB is permitted, says Section 55 (2) StVZO. Acoustic signals must switch themselves off after a maximum of 30 seconds. However, you can switch on again after another unauthorized intervention and issue a warning.

acoustic alarm system an effective protection?

Alarm system Immobilizer anti-theft protection tuning e1570532089609 Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

There are now clear rules about how long car alarm systems can emit signals and how loud they can be. It is undisputed that an alarm system can be a very effective protection against the theft of motor vehicles and their contents, because they effectively deter the perpetrator by triggering the alarm and are even desired by insurance companies. The combination of the alarm system with functions for interior monitoring such as a motion detector and / or additional towing protection (tilt monitoring) is a sensible investment, especially for very high-quality motor vehicles.

What is now legally allowed?

According to § 38b StVZO, an alarm system may sound a loud signal for a maximum of 30 seconds using a signaling device approved for this type of construction. Section 55 (2) of the StVZO regulates the delivery, the sound and the volume of acoustic signals as well as other permitted special devices for acoustic signals. Theft alarm systems in vehicles must not respond to a vibration of the vehicle or to unspecific noises. Optical signal transmitters are also permitted, but only those that are present on the vehicle, such as the indicators and interior lighting. Optical signals must switch off automatically after a maximum of 5 minutes and may only become effective again and reactivate when there is another unauthorized intervention from outside. The chirp function (the acoustic acknowledgment) is in Germany not permitted!

Installed at the factory? Still forbidden!

Most cars that also have an alarm system also have the chirp function in the system (the acoustic acknowledgment) installed. However, it is deactivated when it is delivered to the German market. You can almost always code / activate it without any problems. If you want to be on the safe side, then you should deactivate it (if activated), also so as not to annoy the neighbors. The ABE is only issued by the KBA for all vehicles in Germany under the condition that the acknowledgment function is deactivated. Must have facilities for acoustic signals can not be for impermissible, but according to §55 StVZO for permitted be explained.

You can buy anything - it is not allowed

Chirp modules for retrofitting acoustic acknowledgment (SoftChirp) are available for almost all remote-controlled central locking systems and for all vehicles. Such a module can be installed in vehicles that are already equipped with a remote controlled central locking system. The SoftChirp function is known in this country from many US films or radio & television. In the USA the function is a standard, in Europe it is rather a rarity. The devices for retrofitting almost always have an adjustable volume, there are usually freely selectable sounds or even short jingles that make customization particularly diverse. Many third-party devices still have extensions such as a “silent mode”, a “night mode” or ignition detection. However, they are not allowed! At the end... The acoustic acknowledgment is ONLY suitable for show purposes and not permitted in the area of ​​the StVZO! PS: When the car was stolen. It is important to note that!

Chirp module acoustic acknowledgment Tuning 1 e1599025277467 Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

Of course that had not been the case. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also planned changes in the law, violations in road traffic, current regulations in the field of STVO or on the subject inspection we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

Light tuning? Not everything that pleases is allowed! The info.

LED blinker Running light blinker Tuning DRL 2 310x165 Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

Tuning on the exhaust - what is still allowed?

Titanium Line iPE Innotech Performance Exhaust BMW F80 M3 gold 13 310x165 Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

Lucky - JP Kraemer escapes criminal proceedings!

Passenger car profit compensation Divorce law 310x165 Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

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