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Advanced seminar ASF retraining driver's license

If you fail during the probationary period, for example because of overtaking on the right or using a mobile phone at the wheel, then there is a so-called advanced seminar (not to be confused with one Point reduction seminar/driving aptitude seminar) on! At least if the offenses according to Annex 12 to the Driving License Ordinance in the Categories A or B are classified. Because in the two-year probationary period the novice drivers are under particularly strict observation. In the event of a violation, a so-called Advanced seminar/ASF (also known as retraining) are ordered to inform the novice driver in terms of driving ability and responsibility in road traffic to retrain. info: This is the driver's license refresher course none Test. It is therefore not possible to fail. Only participation is required.

What does an advanced seminar look like?

Basically, an advanced seminar from the German Driving license authority/road traffic office ordered if the driving rules applicable during the probationary period were disregarded. In a driving school that offers advanced seminars (ASF) / follow-up training, the advanced seminar can then be completed, with specially trained driving instructors leading it. Within a mostly two-month period the driver then has to register for a seminar. In a course with six to twelve people will be within two to four weeks four theory sessions of 135 minutes each (plus break times), a Observation drive/driving test of 30 minutes and a subsequent one debriefing held for 15 minutes.

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The observation drive/driving test is carried out between the first and second session by up to three participants. It aims to identify and analyze the unsafe or inappropriate driving characteristics of the novice driver. In this way, an individual picture of the driving characteristics can be created in discussions between the driver, seminar leader and passengers, in order to deal optimally with the participant. At the penultimate ASF meeting Traffic law is discussed in more detail. In the fourth and final session Is there any information on how the probationary period will continue? There is also a review of the seminar in order to internalize what has been learned. After the successful completion of the advanced seminar issued a certificate. If the novice driver does not present this to the appropriate authority within the specified period, the driving license will be confiscated until until the certificate is available.

What does an ASF aim for?

As already indicated, an advanced seminar is about reflecting on driving behavior and sharpening risk awareness. Overall, the dangerous situations on the road caused by the inattentiveness of the novice driver are to be eliminated and safe handling of the vehicle is to be ensured. For this purpose, on the one hand, tasks and certain facts are dealt with alone or in pairs and small work. In addition, guided group discussions and debates are held. On the other hand, an accompanying booklet is issued with additional information and working materials, which are to be worked on between the meetings.

When exactly is an advanced seminar arranged?

In general: who drastically violates the conditions applicable during the probationary period, an ASF is prescribed. As already mentioned, in order to make a precise distinction between minor and serious violations, these are classified according to Annex 12 to the Driving License Ordinance in Category A and B assigned. An online catalog can be used to look up where which violation specifically belongs. In the event of violations of Category A one speaks of a serious offence. These result in an ordinance for an ASF, a fine of 60 euros and possible points in the driving aptitude register. Also, this one pulls Extension of the probationary period from two to four years with you.

  • Category A: Common Category A offenses include using a smartphone while driving, overtaking on the right, driving under 18 unaccompanied (driver's license 17+), driving a reasonable distance from the vehicle in front, or exceeding the speed limit by at least 21 km/h. Furthermore, criminally prosecutable violations, such as hit-and-run or negligent bodily harm, are generally considered category A violations.
  • Category B: Category B violations are minor violations. These are far less serious than category A offences, hence the above consequences only the second time come into effect. It will two B violations counted as an A violation. Common category B violations include driving with worn tires, exceeding the general inspection or taking children in the car without proper safety devices. A single B violation does not affect the probationary period.
A violations areB violations are
Disregarded right-hand manoeuvreMotor vehicle used without permission
(Probationary measure takes effect above 20 km/h)
Disability/danger when turning, for people
at stops (public transport)
Alcohol limit violation (0,0) Parking on freeways/motorways
Traffic light ignoredDeadline for HU more than 8 months overdue
smartphone usedlicense plate abuse
committed an escapeworn tires on the vehicle
Rescue route used or not formed
misbehaving at the pedestrian crossing
Coercion (pushing, flashing lights)
Right of way disregarded (endangering third parties)
unauthorized overtaking
on freeways/motorways
turned/driven backwards
misbehaving at the level crossing
to public
Misbehaving on public transport/school buses
Jostling / tailgating
with emergency vehicles
Blue light/operation horn misbehaved
Driving license at 17 without
companion on the way
Driven a vehicle without a vehicle registration

In addition, drivers who have received an advanced seminar due to drug or alcohol abuse at the wheel are given a so-called "special advanced seminar“ imposed. The duration of a theory session is 180 minutes instead of the usual 135 minutes. In addition, there is a preliminary talk with a traffic psychologiststo confirm fitness to drive.

  • Participation in a special advanced seminar is mandatory
  • the legislator defines the time when participation is due
  • the participants of such a seminar examine together what led to the alcohol or drug driving
  • the special advanced seminar lasts ten hours (spread over three appointments within two weeks)

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What is the cost of an ASF?

It is not possible to say exactly that in general. In addition to the costs for the violation itself (running a red light, being flashed) and a fine of 60 euros, there are also 200 to 550 euros on top, depending on the driving school. And a administration fee from 25 to 30 euros. Until the order for the ASF is issued, can take several months. It usually takes three months for a corresponding letter to reach the novice driver.

What is the impact of not participating?

Non-participation within the set period has the Immediate confiscation of driver's license as a result. This can only be done after submission of the certificate of participation commented at the authority and by the authority to be re-issued. It is important that a seminar completely must be passed through. This means that individual content such as the driving test CANNOT be made up for at a later date. The sessions build on each other and are therefore dependent on each other, which is why the order of the content must be strictly observed.

By the way: Some driving schools also offer the driver's license refresher course in individual instead of group sessions. However, this makes the advanced seminar more expensive.

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What is the risk of repeated violations?

In the event of repeated offenses within the extended probationary period, a written warning issued. In addition, it is advisable to take part in a traffic psychology consultation over a period of two months, whereby this voluntary is. If violations follow again after this, the driver's license will be revoked withdrawn. More about the MPU (also known as the idiot test) can be found in our article "Feared: The MPU (idiot test) and what needs to be considered!".

Driver's license exchange period appointment

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