Audi RS grills & front aprons counterfeits from China

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Audi front apron china fake grille tuning e1554200119515 Audi RS grille & front apron fake from china

Recently, there was on TV a report that, especially on Amazon, increasingly fakes of Audi car parts are in circulation. Starting with emblems to the popular 3 D-Shadow entry lights that are installed in the doors of the vehicles, there was a wide range on Amazon. Reason enough that Audi had launched a raid in China almost every other day last year and fakes worth 76 millions of euros were seized. And now WE have to our publicly accessible e-mail address such an offer received what is in our eyes still a number more violent. From the CHANGZHOU YIZHAO AUTO PARTS CO., LTD we have been offered by the email address, in addition to typical RS radiator grille for almost all Audi models, complete Audi RS6 bumper including radiator grille and Audi emblem.

at first glance, no difference

Audi front apron china counterfeit radiator grille tuning 3 Audi RS radiator grilles & front aprons counterfeit from china

In addition, cladding for the fog lights and an Audi diffuser for some models. All components are supposedly made of ABS or PP plastic and, according to the offer, fit 100%. "Patrica" ​​writes in her mail, that the parts have a really good quality, We are even offered in the e-mail to order a sample to be convinced of the quality. We are curious if the parts will make it on Amazon and certainly platforms like are full of it. Please be sure to refrain from ordering such China replicas because they are not only illegal, they can also be life threatening. Whether such a front apron behaves properly in an accident or even hangs on the vehicle at higher speeds we dare seriously to doubt. Imagine such a rear diffuser flies at about 200 km / h on the highway a motorcyclist around the ears. Unthinkable ... Of course we got in touch with Audi and forwarded the alleged offer.

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slammed pink Audi R8 wheels 310x165 Audi RS grills & front aprons counterfeits from China

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misf% C3% BCusting Chiptuning Judgment 1 310x165 Audi RS Radiator Grills & Front Fenders Fakes from China

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Cars 187 Stra% C3% 9Fenbande concert confiscated 310x165 Audi RS grills & front aprons counterfeits from China

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Varnished Headlights 310x165 Audi RS Radiator Grills & Front Fenders Fakes from China

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