What is actually a license plate holder for the vehicle?

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bill holder are people who, on behalf of a third party, issue the vehicle registration document for a large number of vehicles without actually wanting to maintain the car or not being able to maintain it at all for cost reasons. Since the registration, the untaxed and uninsured vehicle has been used by the third person, for example until a traffic check is carried out bill holder comes to light. The usually insolvent license holder has been asked to pay the insurance premiums and the vehicle tax since the registration and a claim has been made. As compensation for the admission, the license holder usually receives a certain amount of money from the third person. The stronger verification of the owner's status in the approval procedure according to § 12 FZV and the issuing of the "registration certificate part 2’ instead of the vehicle registration document made this variant of illegal registration significantly more difficult.

License holdership hardly possible

Vehicle registration certificate 2 vehicle registration certificate 2

A sham holdership is colloquially for the result of an action, which within narrow limits (BGH, decision of 02.12.2014, Az.: 1 Str 31/14) according to § 271 StGB as direct false certification or as an aid of vehicle tax evasion or driving without insurance coverage could be punishable. It is the fraudulent establishment of a registration of motor vehicles on the road without wanting to be the actual vehicle owner. The vehicle owner is responsible for the vehicle and its own bills. He also has the disposal that is a prerequisite for such use. Holder and owner do not have to be the same person. However, the owner must at least actively use the car regularly. He also bears the costs of the insurance from the compulsory insurance law. He also has to pay the vehicle tax.

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