Blitzerapps / Radarwarner: What is allowed / what is forbidden?

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Blitzerapp Radarwarner Legal determination

The speed cameras or radar traps, which have repeatedly fallen into disrepute, regularly cause the blood pressure of many drivers to skyrocket. The evil state that just wants to make some extra money - right? You are probably familiar with statements like these from some friends. But what can be done so that the “bad state” does not get extra income from drivers? The answer: observe the speed limit. - But if you don't want to or can't do that, it still exists flashes Rapp, But are they legal?

Speed ​​cameras - that's how the law sees it

Blitzerapp radar detector legal provision 2
Location warnings about radar warnings are not allowed.

The law has a clearly defined opinion on warning and speed camera apps. They are simply forbidden. Because according to Paragraph 23, Paragraph 1b of the StVO, it is forbidden to carry devices that warn the driver of these systems or that interfere with radars / speed cameras. Up to 75 EUR and one point in Flensburg can be incurred for the use of a warning app. Even if it is rather unlikely that you will be stopped due to a speed camera app - by the fact that the police are not allowed to withdraw their smartphone. Well-known cases mostly relate to jamming devices that ensure that speed cameras do not deflect or that the driver and license plates are covered. In the event that you are caught using an app, the police can request that the software be uninstalled. Because a new installation, as everyone knows, is impossible - Joking aside.

Blitzerapp radar detector legal provision 3

Penalties abroad

Now that you know what penalties to expect if you have a speed camera or other jamming devices with you, you should also be informed about the consequences that await you abroad. In Denmark, for example, you can expect fines that are around three times higher than in Germany. The same applies to Latvia, Bulgaria and Finland. But France shoots the bird. Not only can you lose your device and holiday pay here, your car could also be confiscated.

Legal alternatives for Blitzerapps

If you want to feel safe, apps are still yours. Because the ban only applies to software that accesses your GPS, for example, to show you live where you have to fear a trap. By qualification, this only means mobile radars. The around 4.500 stationary speed cameras on Germany's roads can be tracked at any time. This is how radio stations work too. You are also not allowed to announce the mobile stations. Nevertheless, there are many broadcasters who either do not know this and knowingly or unknowingly make themselves liable to prosecution. Ask your local broadcaster the next time you report a black sprinter that is to be flashed, whether the responsible people know about it.

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PS: Do you know the strangest road traffic fines in this country and abroad? We have summarized them: PPS: According to the judgment (Az .: 2 BvR 1616/18) of the BVerfG of December 15, 2020, every motorist who has doubts about the lightning notice is entitled to Raw measurement data of the affected radar device. More about the verdict can be found here.

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