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Breath alcohol control devices can be tricked!

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Alcohol is a common cause of road accidents: in 2019 there were 36.000 accidents that occurred Alcohol at the wheel are due. Of those 36.000 cases, 14.000 resulted in injury or death. Anyone caught with a blood alcohol content of 0,5 per mille has to take one fine, a month-long driving ban and two points count in Flensburg. This is just as true with 0,25 milligrams of alcohol per liter of air can be determined during a test by a breath alcohol control measuring device. Most of the time, the police only have cheap ones Pre-test devices doing that pretty inaccurate are - the more accurate stationary devices are usually on the guard. According to Marco Schäfer, such simple devices (Transport Commission of the German Police Union) manipulation through certain breathing techniques is possible. So, his testimony in an interview with the Bild newspaper.

Study confirms possibility of manipulation

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According to a study by St. Luke's University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the results of the measuring devices can be measured by cooling the breath (for example by hyperventilating or drinking cold water) around up to 20 percent can be lowered. This is because cold air absorbs less alcohol and the cheap devices do not take the temperature of this air into account. A routine check and an initial suspicion can probably be avoided in this way. However, there are also more expensive models which, thanks to extremely sensitive sensors, are able to detect temperature differences and thus avoid measurement errors.

How was it measured?

More than 50 test persons drank Belgian wheat beer until they had consumed one per mille. They then drank water and hyperventilated before the test. Specifically, they breathed in at least 10 times and exhaled 10 times within ten seconds. As a result, the breathing air was well below the normal 34 degrees. Measurements were made with a pre-test device of the Alcosensor IV type, which does not take into account the temperature of the breath and thus provides an incorrect test result. If there is one degree difference in temperature, the alcohol level can differ by around 6,5 percent.

Trick the breathalyzer?

Eat garlic Alcohol Police Breath control devices Alcohol control can be tricked!

Self-proclaimed "experts" often make various assertions by pointing out sometimes dubious methods with which a breathalyzer can be manipulated. For example, if you take a test before the alcohol test Sucks ice cubes, Eats garlicwho have favourited cops with chewing gum misleads or cigarette smoke blows into the breathalyzer. How can all of this actually be implemented in reality? Just imagine the situation.

There is only one working methodto effectively trick police breathalyzers, namely, if you does not drink alcohol. Trained police officers recognize drunk drivers. Even if you succeed in tricking the digital breathalyzer, at the latest when blood test at the watch it's over. Who is not to blame for an accident one innocent person or a whole family, maybe even with Consequence of deathwho wants to be, should refrain from making such efforts at all, and then still to put on the net.

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Of course that had not been the case.

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