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Mending car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?

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Tire retracted plates nail mending screw 2 e1598262097203 mending car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?

Many vehicle owners are less than enthusiastic about the idea of ​​immediately investing in a new tire with minimal damage to the tread of a tire. Especially if you have installed a tuning rim, for example. For example, if this is equipped with a Pirelli P Zero SC 305/25 ZR22 summer tire, then per tire happy times 500 € and more due. And 23 or even 24 inch rims are becoming increasingly popular, even ex works. In addition, you should always change axles. Over 1.000 € are quickly gone. Therefore, the question arises whether and to what extent it is possible to repair the tire. Can you do it yourself or does it need professional help? This is another question that is coming to the fore. Mending a car tire yourself has certain requirements. Nor is it always permitted by law, but rather what is permitted and what is not defined in detail. The requirements according to the StVZO must be followed exactly in order to continue to participate in road traffic.

What is allowed and what are the advantages!

Retracted tires Flats nail mending screw 3 mending car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?
nothing can be repaired here

For example, puncture injuries, i.e. so-called impact damage, which have a maximum extension of six millimeters, can be repaired. The repair procedure is also prescribed. So-called combination repair bodies must be used. It is often about heated raw rubber. And please note that you are only allowed to have tires repaired at their permissible speed under 240 km / h. So the ZR tire mentioned at the beginning is NOT repairable. By the way, you can patch tires yourself. Although there are inexpensive repair kits available from specialist retailers, you should be aware of the risk that you carry with a self-repaired car tire.

It is necessary that the tire is pulled from the rim to patch it. From the perspective of the legislature, this is not necessarily possible for a layperson. As a result, he assumes that the repair cannot be carried out properly and therefore regards the repair carried out himself as not permitted. You run the risk of it being noticed during the next general inspection or police check. It is therefore strongly advisable to have the tire repaired by a specialist in a workshop.

Advantages - tire patching!

Retracted tires Flats nail mending screw 4 mending car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?

The biggest advantage is certainly the cost savings compared to a new tire, which, depending on the brand quality, can cost several hundred euros each. For marginal damage, however, you do not need to visit a workshop according to the law, but can repair it yourself with manual skill within a few minutes. The environment also benefits because you can continue to use your tires, for example, and you do not have to travel to a recycling center or a workshop. At this point, of course, the valuable contribution you make to nature should also be mentioned.

How a tire is patched, what the cost!

It is essential to dismantle the rims. If the tire is balanced, all balancing weights must be removed from the damaged area. Furthermore, a clean-up and clean-up should be carried out, which is tackled by drilling open the site. Even if it cannot be prevented that the resulting hole in the tire is larger than the actual damage, the hole should only be chosen as small as possible in order to be able to carry out the cleaning effectively. To patch it yourself, you need raw rubber from a specialist retailer. This must be vulcanized with a vulcanizer. The drilled hole is completely filled with it. The actual patch is now positioned on the inside of the wheel tread to definitely seal the damaged area. Now the tire is ready to be attached to the rim again. If you have marked the balance weights before the repair, you will save yourself a new balancing.

Tires must comply with the law!

However, keep in mind that you should make sure that the repaired tire complies with the law. It costs a little more with a specialist, but you have not invested any effort or nerves in vain and you have saved valuable time. It should be noted here that patching is an inexpensive, but only temporary solution and you will eventually need a new tire. If you compare the costs of self-repair and professional help with your knowledge, you will find that the price difference is usually only a few euros. With regard to the fact that the professional repair complies with the legal regulations, the difference that has to be paid more is quite acceptable. However, it is advisable to check offers from various workshops, as there is a large price range. You can therefore choose the most suitable and best option for you.

Disadvantage of the breakdown assistance kit

Often cars have one Roadside Assistance Set in the trunk. After using the tire sealant, professional repairs by a specialist company are no longer approved for various technical reasons. This also applies to other emergency seals. So you should consider whether the use of such a means makes sense.

Warning triangle first aid kit breakdown set repairing 2 car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?

summarized the most important properties:

  • Mending car tires is allowed
  • the requirements of § 36, guideline 6 of the StVZO must be complied with (only damage caused by driving in, stab wounds with a maximum length or extension of 6 mm)
  • Repair must be carried out with what is known as a combination repair body (heated raw rubber)
  • Tires with a permissible speed of +240 km / h must not be patched
  • Specialist retailers sell repair kits for 15 to 20 euros
  • StVZO regards self-carried out repair of the tire as not permitted
  • If you carry out repairs yourself, you bear the sole risk of a general inspection, police check or accident
  • Small tire repairs save you having to buy a new tire
  • marginal damage can be done yourself with a little manual skill (a visit to a car workshop is not necessary)
  • further use of the tire after the patch saves waste
  • From a qualitative point of view, a new tire makes more sense
  • Costs- and environmental aspects speak for the patch
  • Costs in a free workshop are included about 30 Euro
  • over-the-counter repair kits cost about 20 Euro

When is the repair worthwhile and when not?

Money Pay Money Payment1 Repairing car tires: What is allowed and what does it cost?

  • it's worth it: if the tire has not been in use for a long time and has enough remaining tread depth
  • it's worth it: if a temporary emergency repair has not yet been carried out on the tire
  • it's worth it: if the damage was discovered shortly after it occurred
  • it's worth it: if no suitable replacement tire is available
  • it's worth it: if only certain areas are affected and the damage does not exceed a certain extent
  • it's worth it can not be : if, for technical reasons, the second tire on the affected axle would also have to be replaced (often in vehicles with a tire pressure monitoring system, TPMS)
  • it's worth it can not be : in some all-wheel drive vehicles where the manufacturer stipulates that the rolling circumference of the 4 wheels may only differ slightly (then all tires may even need to be replaced)
  • it's worth it can not be : if the vehicle was driven for a long time with insufficient tire pressure and the tire was further damaged as a result

The procedure for mending a tire yourself!

  1. Removing the tire from the rim
  2. Remove the balancing weights in the area to be repaired
  3. Clean the damaged area by drilling open (This makes the hole a little bigger)
  4. Patches, only with suitable material from specialist dealers (raw rubber)
  5. Vulcanize base material for use with a vulcanizer
  6. Completely fill the drilled hole
  7. Apply the patch to the inside of the wheel tread to seal it
  8. Put the tire back on the rim
  9. Re-apply balancing weights

On the go and a screw or a nail in the tread? What to do?

  1. Gegenstand can not be remove but leave stuck (Hole remains closed, further damage from pulling out is avoided)
  2. Make an appointment in a tire workshop
  3. Check inflation pressure regularly by the deadline
  4. Have a professional repair carried out

info: What is the truth of the rumor that nitrogen in tires is much better than air? We did some research. More information on the topic tire is there in our little one Tire ABC!

Tire retracted plates nail repairing screw e1598261932832 repairing car tires: what is allowed and what does it cost?

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