DAS: Even small car tuning can be very expensive!

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Heads-up: The following text applies for Austria and is should not transferable one to one to Germany. However, many things are regulated very similarly or identically in this country too. In spring, the number of tuned vehicles increases. Without proper typing and approval, vehicle modifications can be expensive. DAS Rechtsschutzversicherung informs that liability insurances can refuse to pay if a vehicle that has not been approved is involved in an accident. Lowered of the vehicle, rims that differ from the type certificate or the Increase in engine performance are usually subject to approval.

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When attaching Window films DAS recommends to find out in advance which foils are approved for road traffic. The defacement of a car brand (Emblems clearing) is strictly forbidden. Traffic and operational safety are the top priority for all changes and must be guaranteed at all times. Otherwise there is a risk of serious consequences - from severe penalties to loss of insurance cover.

Auto tuning can be expensive

Many car and motorcycle lovers use the Corona lockdowns to tinker with their beloved vehicles. The personalization of the car is a trend that many are jumping on. However, it is often underestimated that certain changes to the vehicle are displayed and must be approved. "This basically applies to all changes that can affect traffic and operational safety“, Explains Johannes Loinger, chairman of the board of DAS Rechtsschutz AG. "Better a "personalization" omittingif there are any ambiguities regarding the correct typing option“, The long-time insurance manager suggests to all car enthusiasts.

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Advance information protects against unnecessary costs

The Motor Vehicle Act Implementing Ordinance and the Motor Vehicle Act provide information on which customizations and items of equipment subject to approval are. The specifications can also be requested from the responsible technical testing center at the state government's office.

Attaching Spoilers and Lowered of the car, deviating from the type certificate Rims and the so-called Chip Tuning - in which the engine performance is improved - are in any case to be reported to the governor and to get approved. Just like any changes that affect the vehicle's emissions behavior worsen.

"It makes sense to first inquire with the responsible inspection body whether the project can be approved at all. This saves time and money if the personalization is rejected“Advises Loinger.

Penalties and expiry of the license

A tuned vehicle without proper authorization can result in administrative penalties of up to 5.000 Euros cause. If in the course of a police check it is found that traffic and operational safety are at risk to such an extent that Danger is imminent, can even do that License-plates and the Registration certificate abgenom financing will.

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"It can be particularly tricky in an accident. In the worst case, the liability insurance refuses to pay or asks the policyholder to pay later. That can get really expensive“Knows the CEO.

Confirmation from specialist workshop required

The approval costs are from around 40 euros. "In order for the adaptations to be approved by the authority, some documents must be submitted. This includes, for example, the type certificate, the vehicle approval document, confirmation from a specialist workshop about the proper and professional conversion and possibly even a confirmation of the vehicle manufacturer's clearance. A civil engineering expert's report or an expert's report from a state-authorized test center can also be requested“, Loinger enumerates.

Emblem clearing is prohibited

The so-called "Clearing / cleaning". This means that the car brand and all other inscriptions on the car removed. However, this “cleanup” can result in an administrative penalty. "Clearing is prohibited because, according to the Motor Vehicle Act, the name or brand of the manufacturer and the chassis number on the vehicle must be evident. The engine number must also be fully visible on the vehicle engine. In the event of a violation, the driver and owner are liable“, Says Loinger.

Cleaning remove vehicle emblem clearing oesterreich DAS: Even small car tuning can be very expensive!

Window foils partially prohibited

Even supposedly small changes can be made subject to approval be. For example, window foils are allowed not afterwards be attached to the windshield. Type-approved window films, however, must not displayed .

Also sticking a on the outside of the pane Anti-shatter or tint films is prohibited. Allowed are Perforated foilsthat are glued to the outside or inside of the panes.

"Window foils must be marked accordingly. At least the manufacturer's mark, the type designation of the window film and the approval mark specified in the respective type approval must be permanently affixed to each film. It is also mandatory that at least the foil label is on each disc to see once is“, Explains the chairman of the DAS board.

Glass Coating Floating Steaming Discs Tone Tuning THAT: Even small car tuning can be very expensive!

Of course that had not been the case.

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