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Info: What is actually allowed when tinting car windows?

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Glass Coating Floating Steaming Windows Tones Tuning 2 Info: What is actually allowed when tinting car windows?

There are several advantages to tinting car windows. This includes a direct protection in front of the sun and there are no unwanted views into the interior of the vehicle. When tinting, however, you should consider a few criteria. When the sun comes out more frequently in spring and the temperatures rise, the sunlight is a nuisance for many drivers. The tinted lens can be used with the function of a sunglasses be compared. But watch out: Nicht all car windows are suitable for tinting.

Tinting car windows - Info!

Tinted car windows offer many advantages. Tint films protect against the dangerous UV rays and direct sunlight. A positive side effect is that the interior is not that fast fades. The effect of heat in the car can also reduced become. This means that the air conditioning does not have to be turned up so much in summer. In addition, you can protect yourself from unwanted looks from the outside and your car window is protected from one Fragmentation protected in the event of an accident. However, you can can not be all car windows are tinted.

Tinting sun protection windows Tuning e1558952567943 Info: What is actually allowed when tinting car windows?

What is allowed when tinting the windshield?

How you can tint a windshield is indicated by the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) set. According to §40, all targets must consist of one safety glass consist. This is a Glass or glass-like Substance of which fragments cannot cause serious injuries. A pane of safety glass, which is of great importance for the driver's view, must distortion-free and translucent be. A dark film is allowed to prevent the driver from seeing can not be restrict. Maximum one 10 inches wider tinted stripe is allowed from the top edge of the windshield. A type approval but is an important one for attaching the film Prerequisite.

Glass Coating Floating Steaming Windows Tones Tuning Info: What is actually allowed when tinting car windows?

Factory-fitted sun protection on the windshield

Some vehicle models are factory-fitted with sun protection on the windshield. Thus is another slide unnecessary. If this is not the case with your vehicle, you can have a tint film attached or stick it on yourself. The film must have a type approval (ABG) for vehicle parts. This approval states whether you are allowed to attach the film to your vehicle type. If you stick a film on despite the prohibition, you run the risk that the operating permit for your vehicle erlischt.

Tinting of side and rear windows

Car tuners also have to pay attention to a few things with the side windows. The side windows between the A and B pillars or between the front passenger and driver allowed can not be be tinted. Complete darkening is not permitted so that the driver has a clear view. However, the window tinting is for the rear window and for the rear side windows is also possible. Choose the right degree of tint from a variety of foils.

With a lightly tinted film, the window can be up to 65% darkened become. For a tint of 95% are suitable opaque Slides good. Also reflective foils can be used. They offer you optimal privacy protection. When buying a tint film is priced between 10 and 100 Euro to be expected. However, many cheap foils have no long shelf life and must therefore be replaced quickly.

This is how the tinting of car windows works:

  1. Attention: A slide must be attached to the inside of the window.
  2. Have a squeegee, a spray bottle with soapy water, a hair dryer and the foil ready. The workplace should be protected from sun and wind.
  3. First, the slices need to be thorough gereinigt become. Vacuum the interior to prevent hair or dust from being blown up.
  4. Spray some soapy water on the foil. This makes it much easier to move.
  5. Carefully peel off the film.
  6. Place the protective film from the outer edge directly onto the car window. Many foils can be carefully pushed into the correct position using the soapy water or a mounting solution.
  7. Use the squeegee to smooth the film from the inside out and press the soapy water outwards.
  8. Let the foil dry. Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. Drying can be accelerated with a hair dryer.
  9. When attaching it is important to ensure that the rubber seals of the discs not to be pasted over allowed to. Maintain a minimum distance of one millimeter. The test mark and the ABG number must legible and identical be. If a brake light is installed in the rear window, it is mandatory remain free.

Have the windows tinted by a professional

If you do not trust yourself to tint the vehicle windows yourself, you could hire a workshop. This will prevent bubbles from forming under the film. As a rule, the specialist offers you a guarantee in the event of damage if the film is attached in a professional workshop. The price is based on the type of film and the number of windows. But you have to calculate between 200 and 400 euros.

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This must be taken into account with car stickers

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