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Catalyst thieves: when the catalyst is suddenly missing!

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Catalyst theft Germany 2 Catalyst thieves: If the catalyst is suddenly missing!

Hard to believe, but next to that Airbag, The alloy wheels und dem navigation device The car's catalytic converter is also a component that is quite common gestohlen will - but why is that and how can you unnoticed remove a permanently installed catalytic converter? The reason for the thefts is that contained in the catalytic converter precious metals. What exactly is it and also how it is with the Insurance in such a case, we from tuningblog clarify in the following article.

How does such a theft actually work?

Catalyst theft Germany Catalyst thieves: If the catalyst is suddenly missing!

When a loud roar sounds under the vehicle and the Engine control lamp lights up, this is usually not a defect that affects the vehicle's technology, but one missing catalyst. Because after the theft, there is only a hole where it was once built. The exhaust gases then exit the manifold and become neither cleaned or acoustically reduced. Therefore the "sporty soundscape“That even the layman can hear immediately. In this case the Kat is gone! It was removed by thieves within a few minutes and without attracting much attention, because they are interested in the precious metals contained in the ceramic carrier. This is possible either by means of Battery flex or almost noiseless by means of hydraulic battery shears. The catalytic converters stolen by the thieves are then dismantled in order to access the high-quality components contained in the catalytic converter (for example platinum and palladium), get. In this way the thieves can make a profit between 100 and 600 Euro count per stolen catalytic converter - sometimes even more, depending on the model. And some vehicles have installed two such catalysts. Kats from Toyota Prius vehicles with palladium content are particularly valuable and popular.

3.000 euros in damage are not uncommon

Catalyst theft protection plate Prius 3 Catalyst thieves: If the catalyst is suddenly missing!

The cost of a new catalytic converter can easily amount to 3.000 euros. Although the catalytic converter is usually relatively well secured in a kind of tunnel in the middle of the vehicle floor, this is not an obstacle for the thieves. They lift the vehicle with the help of a Jack and in this way come to the coveted catalyst. If you become a victim of such a theft, it can be extremely costly: a new catalytic converter often costs more than 2.000 euros and this price does not even include the workshop's wages, the costs of the towing process and other possibly necessary parts. Because of this, the costs can in the end 3.000 euros and more amount - here you can only open a reimbursement by the insurance company to hope.

The cases are increasing!

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In October 2020, according to the police press portal, there were 56 cases in which the Catalyst was stolen and that throughout Germany. However, it is assumed that the number of unreported cases is correspondingly higher. The theft of the catalytic converter can happen anytime, anywhere. The thieves do not shy away from stealing in broad daylight in a parking lot. You are lucky here if one Partial insurance has been completed as the costs are then not too high. However, the deductible is usually still due. If you drive an older car, however, which not fully insured is, then in some cases it can even be equated with a total write-off. There is an occasional possibility to fall back on used partsHowever, there is no guarantee that you will find a functioning second-hand catalytic converter. And even if the costs are still at least some 100 €.

How to protect against theft?

There is no really effective way to protect yourself from theft. Of course, complicate a special protective plate, One Garage, enclosed property or parking next to the dog house theft, but that is not a guarantee. And if the Kat is stolen on the way, then these tips are useless anyway. Only a good one is recommended here Alarm Upgrade Volumetric & Tilt Sensors with Inclinometer and App notification or maybe a Airride air suspension. This allows the car to be completely on "the ground to be laid"And the thief has no chance to use a jack (Attention: advice that is not taken very seriously !!!).

Catalyst theft protection plate Prius Catalyst thieves: If the catalyst is suddenly missing!

Of course that had not been the case. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also planned changes in the law, violations in road traffic, current regulations in the field of STVO or on the subject inspection we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

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Tuning legal situation Germany 310x165 catalyst thieves: If the catalyst is suddenly missing!

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E Bike Tuning 310x165 Catalyst Thieves: If the Catalyst is suddenly missing!

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Rolling Coal Tuning Diesel Pickup e1606736075382 310x165 Catalyst Thieves: If the Catalyst is suddenly missing!

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