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For many decades, tuning has been a popular way of adapting vehicles to your own ideas in a visual and technical way. In particular sport chassis always popular. After all, the car not only drives more dynamically, it also looks sportier. Thanks for the lowering! However, care must always be taken when modifying the chassis, as the chassis is an important part of the vehicle that transmits power and drive torque to the road. It is therefore essential that the existing Regulations to note. The change to the chassis is often criticized. What can you do about it? You can find out here.

Problems often arise with the regulations!

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When tuning are multiple changes frequently that have the aim of the vehicle lowerto make it wider and harder. After the changes, however, the car must be approved by an inspection organization (Dekra, TÜV, KüS, etc.). That's why you should always consider the regulations when planning a tuning. Some of the problems that may arise after the changes are:

  • The remodeling creates tension. (Keyword: not tension-free installation!)
  • The chassis is not suitable for the specific vehicle. Evidence is missing.
  • If you have already made changes to the vehicle before, it is often difficult to take it off for further tuning.
  • Waiver of Change Acceptance. Despite ABE (General operating permit) CANNOT be waived if the vehicle has already been modified in advance (e.g. special wheels, track plates, etc.)

Question: Can I turn my coilover kit lower than stated in the report if the springs still have sufficient preload? Can this still be entered?

  • First of all, the checked values ​​are valid. They must not be undercut. By means of an individual assessment according to § 21 StVZO, however, the facts can be checked separately, taking into account all the specifications relevant to operational safety. However, it is usually the case that the greatest lowering mentioned in the report is already the maximum.

Teamwork is key!

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If changes are made compared to the series condition, it must be guaranteed that the new parts harmonize with the vehicle. If you lower the vehicle and use larger tires at the same time, it can happen that there is no longer enough space between the tires and the body. The following points should therefore be observed before presenting the vehicle for acceptance:

  • Combination of springs and dampers
  • tires of the vehicle
  • axis geometry

Due to changed lever lengths and angles, the axle geometry must be checked and adjusted if necessary. Such is one Wheel alignment to be carried out after changing the spring/damper combination.

What must be considered when adjusting the camber?

Often he will Fall changed negatively in order to improve the cornering behavior and the cornering forces of the vehicle and to support sporty driving. This changes the angle between the center plane of the wheel and the vertical on the road. However, it should be noted that a fall in the negative range can also have disadvantages such as increased wear on tires and wheel bearings. These include the following:

  • There is a delay in transferring the steering movement.
  • The contact surface of the tires becomes smaller.
  • When the wheels are straight, the vehicle has less stability. (ruts etc.)
  • The forces of the brake and drive have a worse effect on the road.
  • Tires wear out faster.

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The design of the chassis requires a compromise between driving dynamics and comfort. In most cases, the user wants increased driving dynamics and optics. A pure lowering can be implemented by replacing the standard springs with sport springs. As a result, the Vehicle height is reduced and the vehicle's center of gravity is shifted downwards. This will also tendency to pitch and roll reduced and you get one Improvement of driving dynamics, especially at higher speeds.

abandonment of the suspension

The suspension of the vehicle has a special task. It should convert the impacts and impacts that affect the frame via the tires into kinetic energy and not pass them on to the frame of the vehicle in full force.

What are vibration dampers used for?

A vibration damper should reduce vibrations as quickly as possible, prevent the vehicle from rocking and improve traction. For this, harder vibration dampers can be installed, which, among other things, enable an increase in the driving dynamics safety potential. An optimally acting chassis is a combination of a perfect spring-damper tuning. This also results in different load conditions on joint parts and bearings. Should it be more dynamic, then are Coilovers, air suspension or electronic chassis is a promising possibility.

What is the minimum ground clearance?

Due to the operational safety of the vehicle, it must be able to withstand the usual road conditions (Slopes, drops, bumps, small potholes, curbs, etc.) withstand and be able to handle them easily. Safety-related components must not come into contact with the road. If you use a coilover suspension, for example, then you get compared to a standard suspension shorter struts & adjustable spring plates.

If you install the chassis as specified in the report and you meet all the requirements (Wheel clearance, minimum distances between attachments, distance between the lighting system and the road surface, etc.), then an entry in the vehicle documents should not be a problem. Requirement: Even with the new chassis, it must be possible to drive safely on normal road conditions.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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