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When cheap vehicle tuning turns into an expensive fiasco!

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Hardware store tuning cheap tuning gas stations tuning explanation When cheap tuning on the vehicle becomes an expensive fiasco!

When a cheap offer turns into an expensive fiasco! Be careful with supposedly heavily discounted tuning parts from the network! For forbidden (illegal aliens) The police show no tolerance for vehicle conversions. State power has been taking particularly tough action against black sheep from the tuning scene for years. Nobody turns a blind eye here and it is often a certain age group that is to blame! Sorry, but it IS SO! And this group is to a large extent responsible for the whole scene over and over again falls into disrepute. The drivers are often too fast, inconsiderate and especially like Sea! It's about a lot of traffic irregularities that fans of the tuning scene are accused of again and again, including illegal street races, which even Fatalities demanded.

illegal tuning parts without end

Admittedly, there is no lack of accessories for the countless conversions in question. The market is overflowing! What is particularly noticeable is that the components are available at extremely low prices. But that makes sense, because the country of origin is almost always China. That is why such prices are often extreme inferior products conditions. But the police are becoming more and more aware, they recognize them not original components, for example with regard to a sports exhaust, partly immediately from the sound of the vehicle. Man hört the “illegal” literally out!

China Tuning cheap police e1617966127134 When cheap tuning turns into an expensive fiasco!

Danger for body and life!

Some chassis parts are on the Internet for less than ten euros traded, for complete exhaust mufflers you have to barely 50 euros wages and the popular NoName tuning box to performance increase partly already starts for further under 100 Euro. Such components can also be easily assembled by yourself. Means Plug-and-Play you plug the tuning box in front of the engine control unit and the exhaust is quickly attached with a simple clamp. The problem is that for the components no reports are included. Neither the TÜV nor any other Test organization check the newly installed parts for yours traffic safety. A dangerous undertaking! In terms of chip tuning, this can be done in one engine failure as well as greatly changed exhaust gas values. And various tests have even shown that one Low budget China chip tuning in many cases it even reduces the performance !!!

The environment suffers from illegal chip tuning!

In addition to the many safety concerns, as already mentioned, it is questionable whether after screwing on the loud tuning exhaust or connecting various control units that serve to increase performance Pollutant limit values ​​are still complied with. There is probably no need to talk about noise here, because it is on most illegally tuned vehicles deafening and only rarely really "beautiful"! Nobody pays attention to anything else when tuning China lawfully received. The main thing is a lot and the main thing is cheap!

China Tuning cheap police chiptuning When cheap car tuning becomes an expensive fiasco!
typical China - chip tuning for 15 euros!

These markings should be observed:

The KBA number: For example, a rim is listed under this number at the Federal Motor Transport Authority. But rims don't always have to have a KBA number! Not until October 01st, 1999.

The general type approval (ABG): This marking is, for example, embossed in the window tint films and it must be possible to read it from the outside. Smaller add-on parts such as headlight covers or spoiler lips can also have an ABE.

headlight headlight type approval When cheap tuning on the vehicle becomes an expensive fiasco!

The ECE type approval: She is at the big "E“To recognize. A headlight that has been released with it may be installed on the car. By the way, the abbreviation ECE stands for Economic Commission for Europe.

The Teilegutachten! According to § 19 StVZO, a modification acceptance Checked the correct installation of the accessory through its paces.

Test report parts certificate individual acceptance tuning 36 When cheap tuning on the vehicle becomes an expensive fiasco!

Parts without documents or certification marks are often illegal!

In general, if no expert opinion for the tuning parts, in most cases it would be a individual acceptance required. For every small part, you would have to go to DEKRA, TÜV or another acceptance point. That goes into the money! The examiners have to check carefully whether an entry in the papers is possible and that can be expensive (we're talking about hundreds to thousands of euros). There are no documents at all, not even one Material- or Strength report, then the decrease is quasi locked out.

Driving without a certificate? A big risk!

Chiptuning without documents? That creates trouble. An expert opinion on the amount of pollutant emissions or a measurement on the dynamometer can be expensive. If you're realistic, it's not worth it with one Exhaust system or a chip tuning at the dumping price. And without expert opinion driving is not a good idea. On the one hand, the tuner is in a lot of trouble with the police, continues to come fines, Points in Flensburg up to the driving ban. Last but not least: The whole thing also brings trouble with her Car insurance a. If the parts have been banned and never checked, the operating license expires for the vehicle. Can the vehicle owner then intent or gross negligence are proven, the insurance cover is lost. Should an accident occur, the insurance will cover part of the cost bring back or even the payment in full verweigern. Rightly!

noise measurement volume measurement noise level police When cheap vehicle tuning turns into an expensive fiasco!

One should pay attention to dubious parts from the network:

Rear spoiler: Parts certificate or ABE are required. The wings increase consumption due to air resistance. In addition, sharp edges increase the risk of injury.

Sports steering wheel: ABE or parts certificate are required. Replacing the steering wheel (with airbags) is not for laypeople, it must be carried out by a specialist.

Chip Tuning: Individual acceptance or parts certificates are required. It is also essential to have the vehicle documents corrected.

Exhaust system: Conversions are only allowed with a certificate and approval. If it concerns forbidden conversions, the operating license expires.

Forged documents and certification marks

Unfortunately, I keep coming back forged test documents up to fake certification mark in circulation. There are also components that have been tested in In hindsight but has yet to be changed and sold. The approval of a subsequently modified component will of course expire. Every manufacturer or importer as the client must have a test report and / or an ABE or expert opinion. If you are not sure, you should contact there. It is also helpful to have the type designation of the accessory look on the net (google) and compare the delivered component with the results. If necessary, contact a testing organization!

China Tuning cheap police chiptuning counterfeit check mark When cheap tuning on the vehicle becomes an expensive fiasco!

no experiments in tuning

At the end... Tuning is definitely fun, it's a passion and a conviction but there are limits. For all screwdrivers, this means, dear no experiments! You should rely on well-known brands and original components. In any case, the component must have a corresponding report or a general test mark that entitles it to use. This is important! Therefore, one should confidently turn to an appropriate testing organization for acceptance!

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truck speed sticker meaning bus caravan 310x165 When cheap vehicle tuning becomes an expensive fiasco!

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