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Five times "unsatisfactory": ADAC will test child seats in 2021!

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ADAC child seats 2021 test 3 Five times unsatisfactory: ADAC will test child seats 2021!

Information + pictures: ADAC

A total of 26 different child seats and booster seats were subjected to a precise test in the new ADAC child seat test and according to criteria such as Safety, Handling, Ergonomics and regarding contained pollutants rated. A total of 18 models received the grade “good” and three models received the grade “satisfactory”. These models therefore exceed all legal requirements quite clearly. But there were also a few losers among the models tested. Overall were five child seat models classified as “poor”. Four of these models performed poorly due to the inadequate pollutant test and one model failed the frontal or side crash test.

The "defective" models in detail:

The child seat "Besafe iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size" (with and without "iZi i-Size Base") and the child seat "Swandoo Marie 2" included according to ADAC the fabric naphthalenewhich may have a carcinogenic effect. The child seat "Osann Oreo 360 °" contains a plasticizer called "DPHP". This can cause damage to the thyroid gland. In the case of the “Chicco Kiros i-Size + Kiros i-Size Base” baby seat, the impact test was the flaw detached the baby seat from the Isofix base and was thrown forward. In the event of an accident, the child would therefore be exposed to a significant risk of injury. This seat was purchased in Italy as part of a Europe-wide joint test and, according to the manufacturer, has not yet been available in Germany.

ADAC child seats 2021 test Five times unsatisfactory: ADAC will test child seats 2021!

How do the manufacturers react?

The reactions of the manufacturers were not long in coming after the test results were published. Three manufacturers of “poorly” rated child seats offered parents who bought such a model one free rework. The Chicco company replaces all Isofix stations with improved constructions. Osann and Swandoo offer a free exchange of the pollutant-containing shoulder pads (Osann) or seat covers (Swandoo).

ADAC child seats 2021 test 2 Five times unsatisfactory: ADAC will test child seats 2021!

Further information on the ADAC test:

This year, the ADAC not only released classic child seat models, but also the popular ones Booster seats checked. Frontal and side impact tests were carried out with the booster seats, but since all of these models lack side impact protection, all tested models were only able to do one poor result achieve. Still meet tested booster seats meet the minimum legal requirements for child safety and can minimize the risk of injury in the event of an accident. Thus, an enhancer is still better than no parental controls at all. In the meantime, such elevators are used by many families as an emergency solution, as they require little storage space and can be used spontaneously.

ADAC child seats 2021 test 4 Five times unsatisfactory: ADAC will test child seats 2021!

All booster seats that meet the approval requirements allow children to be secured from a weight of 22 kilos and a height of more than 1,25 meters. Nevertheless, these enhancers can be a full-fledged child seat do not replace under any circumstances, because they do not have a backrest, which fulfills many important functions in a child seat.

How can you find the optimal child seat?

If you want to buy the best possible child seat, you should definitely look at the Material the seat. Especially models made of plastic are recommended by the ADAC, as they are much more stable than models made of polystyrene (Styrofoam). Due to the extremely robust plastic, they cannot be damaged so quickly and offer greater protection for the child in the event of an accident and the risk of the seat failing is also significantly lower. In addition, you should always look at it when buying laterally mounted belt guides "croissant" respect, think highly of. These ensure increased stability of the booster seat and improve the position of the lap belt. According to ADAC, you should even have to do simple booster seats without belt guides not considered pull.

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