Is chromium foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

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Liberty Widebody chrome foil Maserati GranTurismo Tuning 2 Is chrome foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

As cool and elegant as a chrome foil may look like: if vehicles are coated with the high-gloss chrome foil, experts of the motor vehicle monitoring organization freelance automotive expert registered association (KÜS) must be considered a lot. According to the opinion of the KÜS experts, cars that are completely covered with chrome or mirror film can pose a significant hazard in road traffic. This is due to the fact that the strongly reflecting surfaces of the film products used can strongly break and reflect solar radiation or other light. This effect can disturb other road users. For example, the light reflected from the headlamps oncoming vehicles reflected light very much irritate.

Reflections can be dangerous

mirror cap chrome tuning Is chromium foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

However, the reflection on the film not only irritates other road users: on the contrary, a relevant traffic hazard can not be ruled out. According to the KÜS, the glare effect can reach a considerable extent. Smaller chrome-plated or glued components (such as hubcaps, moldings, mirrors or bumpers) are usually tolerated because the glare effect of these components is significantly lower due to the smaller area.

Fines and points threaten!

Police fine catalog tuning is a chrome foil allowed? There are a few things to consider!

In connection with the chrome foils and the pasting of passenger cars, the §19 (2) of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations must also be quoted. Here it is regulated whether certain modifications on the vehicle to extinguish the approval being able to lead. If a deliberate modification of the vehicle is expected to endanger other road users, this may result in the expiry of the operating license. In addition, then a fine of 50 Euro is due and a point in the Flensburger Verkehrssünderkartei. For example, in a Vollbeklebung with strong reflection such a threat to other road users quite conceivable.

partly high costs threaten

Paragraph law Is chromium foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

If the police ensure a fully-bonded vehicle, this also entails significant costs, including for the decommissioning, according to the experts of the KÜS. Since the hazard potential is different due to the reflective effect of such a mirrored car, according to KÜS, an evaluation is carried out in each individual case. The quality of each film is crucial, especially the relevant reflectance. Significant is also the type of attachment to the vehicle, so localization and extent of foliation. It is therefore always advisable - as with all intended modifications to the vehicle - to consult a test engineer or an expert on this subject beforehand in order to avoid costs for oneself and the endangerment of others. PS. If a driving ban has been issued, then there is certain conditions the possibility of submitting a so-called pardon to court. There is more on this topic in the following article! PPS: Do you know the most curious fines in road traffic in this country and abroad? We have grouped them together for:

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Video: Full chrome foil on the Bugatti Chiron and Veyron

Full Chrome Foil Bugatti Chiron Veyron Tuning 310x165 Is chrome foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

E-SUV: Jaguar I-PACE with full foil in Platinum Mint X.

E SUV Jaguar I PACE Vollfolierung Platinum Mint X Tuning 7 310x165 Is a chrome foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

24 inches and Full-wrap on the Mercedes-AMG GT63 4-Door Coupe

24 Inch Full Foil Mercedes AMG GT63 4 Door Coup% C3% A9 X290 Tuning Header 310x165 Is a chrome foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

professional foiling from the Czech Republic

TS Design Tuning Folierungsprofi Tschechien 310x165 Is a chrome foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

Individuality ex works - Porsche "Second Skin" foliations

Porsche Second Skin Tiling Tuning 1 310x165 Is a chrome foil allowed? There is a lot to consider!

RaceChip - 300 PS Alpine A110 with Gloss Sandstorm foliation

RaceChip Alpine A110 Gloss Sandstorm Coating BBS Tuning Header 310x165 Is chrome plating allowed? There is a lot to consider!

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