Confiscation of driver's license only possible if you have it with you!

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straight power a video the roundthat from the TikToker and Lawyer, Christian Klages was published three days ago. In it he advises getting his driver's license better to leave at home. And the reasoning makes perfect sense. If you don't have your driver's license with you, you must have one Fine of 10 euros pay. We know this! But in this case he can't either confiscated will. Because that happens sometimes, even if you haven't broken any traffic rules. For example, there are reasons the believer to look Sometimes it was bad sleep, sometimes it's just dark circles, a cold or just a stressful day. Who then in the evening hours in a police check device, perhaps reacting a little agitatedly, in the worst case, his driver's license can be confiscated. Because the police officers often keep a specific lookout Drug or alcohol abuse steering. So if you look tired, you might have trouble explaining that you just had a stressful day or a sleepless night.

Confiscation of driver's license!

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The lawyer Christian Klages therefore advises in the mentioned TikTok video to get the driver's license don't even take it with you. Because if the driver's license is not there, it cannot be confiscated. According to Christian Klages, the police can do this at the slightest suspicion alcohol or drug abuse do and order a blood test in the laboratory. The confiscated driver's license then remains so long until the results are in. And according to Christian Klages, he is good at that last up to three months. During this time, the person concerned may not drive a motor vehicle, even if he is innocent. So if you don't want to lose your driver's license for a long time, just because of a small suspicion, you should let at home and prefer to pay the 10 Euro fine that is due.

A driver's license may not be sought without a search warrant.

And if the police officers want to look for the driver's license in the apartment of the person concerned, the lawyer also has a tip: This is only possible if the police written search warrant submits. However, this will usually will not issued for a simple suspicion of alcohol and drugs.

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