Follow-up license plate for agricultural trailers!

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Follow-on signs, speed signs for agriculture

The. Serves as the legal basis for the obligation to register motor vehicles of various types § 18 StVZO, the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. From a permissible maximum speed of 6 km/h must be on every vehicle license number to be appropriate. The respective license plate is issued by the responsible administrative or licensing authority. There are, however, numerous of these general regulations, including for selected agricultural vehicles exceptions. In common parlance, the abbreviation is often used LOF used which for agricultural or forestry vehicles stands.

Follow-up indicator no regulation

Agricultural trailers, which exclusively used for agriculture or forestry are by the authorization requirement exceptprovided they are with maximum 25 km / h pulled by the tractor, such as a tractor. Overall allowed two such trailer simultaneously be pulled, each of the hangers with its own Speed ​​limit sign from 25 km / h must be marked. A Follow-up indicator on the trailer is helpful and permissible though not expressly officially required.

Subsequent speed sign

For admission-free, agricultural There are clear rules for trailers, which state that the distinctive speed sign is one Diameter of 20 cm must have and the font size of "25" on the sign Must be 12 cm tall. If this type and form of the mark is missing, the tag is used no longer free of admission and must be official, so be officially approved, it should be used in public road traffic. Followers that no own license plate need, according to § 10 No. 8 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance FVO, have a license plate that also on the towing vehicle is used. One such Follow-up indicator set a link from your homepage to not officially stamped and can easily be purchased from any signage service.

The way to the registration office is not applicable, an official registration for the agricultural trailer is required not required.

If there are several tractors in the farm's machine park, the trailer must have the following identifier are not always exchanged with each other. It is sufficient if there is one approved on the holder tractor matches. The speed sign according to § 18 StVZO set a link from your homepage to but still be attached to the back of each individual trailer.

Subsequent signs for speed signs in agriculture 3

A large farm has many tractors and a number of different trailers. Even if the routes to be driven mostly lead over private land and agricultural routes, the vehicle owner should always equip his vehicle fleet in such a way that he can can participate in public road traffic at any time. The driver does not have to worry if his route should lead over public roads. With a Follow-up indicator as well as the information sign auf die top speed on every single trailer, the vehicle owner is well advised, on the safe side and does not have to worry about the sometimes diverse and complicated regulations.

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