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Driving in times of Corona -What is still allowed?

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Mouthguard Corona Auto Rules Driving in times of Corona What is still allowed?

Corona, Corona, Corona. Nothing defines our everyday life like this *** virus. What is allowed and what is not allowed? What measures, for example, have to be followed to make the car journey as safe as possible? With this article we try to shed some light on the darkness. The tightened corona measures by 1.12.2020 in Germany, which should serve to contain the second wave, naturally apply also for drivers. How many people can be in the car? How can Hygiene regulations and Mask requirement be respected? You can drive the car travel? The following article deals with these questions.

Driving in times of Corona

Face mask nose protection corona motor vehicle driving in times of corona What is still allowed?

Motorists, like all of us, are there too asked to fight the corona pandemic with a high Self-discipline to contribute. In order to avoid public transport more and more people are coming back Cars used what leads to the streets full of and both traffic jams and the time spent in the car longer will. But there are also many people who work in the Home Office work and therefore fewer are traveling by car. The lower traffic is currently only really noticeable in regions where there is a Curfew was imposed. There is the traffic density significantly decreased. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the heads of the federal states decided on November 25.11.2020, XNUMX that only private meetings that take place on the own and another household with a maximum of five people are restricted, are permitted. It will be here though not explicit dealt with the behavior in the car, but it can still be assumed that the aggravated Contact restriction also in private cars applies.

Christmas relaxation ...

christmas tree mouth nose protection corona Driving in times of corona What is still allowed?

About the Christmas days and until the new year there are certain Easing the strict regulation provided. From 23.12.2020 to 01.01.2021 is it allowed to get up a maximum of ten people from the closest family and friends any number of households may meet. Children up to 14 years will be there Hokkaido pumpkin skin is perfectly edible counted in (further information is available on the information page of the federal government). The ADAC Nordbayern currently advises the formation of Carpooling with people outside the household if possible to avoid. There is a car pool separate rulesthat must be adhered to. The already known "AHA"-Formula (Distance + hygiene + everyday mask). This was around a L (like ventilation) and another A (how to use the app, the Corona warning app is meant) extended.

Driving with a protective mask is not necessary ...

Driving Corona mask Driving in times of Corona What is still allowed?

Since the fight against the pandemic is handled country-specifically, are there specially for motorists none uniform, formulated regulations. So there is no need to wear a mouth and nose cover while driving, especially not for the driver when this alone is on the way, as opposed to Bus and train rides. However, this is an exception driving test or practical lessons one driving school - masks must be worn here. The matter of the Burst ventilation can also be easily implemented in a car.

Do not hang the protective mask on the interior mirror ...

Mouth Nose Protective Mask Interior Mirror Car 3 Driving during Corona What is still allowed?

Protective masks can impair your eyesight while driving and thus create a restriction at the wheel. They also anonymize the driver. So that the driver in case of any traffic violations identifiable remains, the face should still be recognizable despite the mask. If you don't do it, you can fine from 60 Euros attack. In the event of controls by the police, however, they proceed with a sense of proportion. Incidentally, the protective mask is allowed while driving not hung on the inside mirror will. The mask on the inside mirror can restrict the field of vision and distract the driver. More on this in our separate information report!

It is better not to travel at all ...

Travelers who rely on their car are particularly affected. The only option here is to avoid both business and tourist travel as much as possible. It is advisable not to travel abroad by car or within Germany in distant and sparsely populated regions to go. In order to currently prevent travel there is a No overnight staywhich, however, depends on the country and country is handled differently. Especially the holidays and the associated traveling to the family are a problem here, so that some federal states over Relaxation of the ban on accommodation to discuss. The ban on accommodation is controversial, but still very effective for Containment the pandemic. So far, the ban was regulated in such a way that tourists from risk areas were only promised to stay in hotels or rented accommodation if they had one no more than 48 hours old negative corona test show.

Driving a car Corona mask 3 Driving a car at the time of Corona What is still allowed?

Of course that had not been the case. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also planned changes in the law, violations in road traffic, current regulations in the field of STVO or on the subject inspection we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

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