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Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Pentecost

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Corona Covid Federal lockdown Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Pentecost

What is it as a motorist as part of the Corona lockdowns must be observed! The north of the Federal Republic is gradually loosening the federal government's emergency brake. Punctually for Pentecost, this will also make things easier for drivers. The restrictions put in place to contain the 3rd wave of the spreading coronavirus were successfully. Due to constantly decreasing incidences, it is possible for the first federal states to be cautious Easing the federal emergency brake, which will apply until the end of June 2021, to standardize the regulations. The emergency brake includes nightly curfews from 22 p.m. to 5 a.m. in all counties and urban districts that have an incidence value of over 100 on three consecutive days (New infections per 100.000 inhabitants within seven days). The reason for the tightened measures taken by the federal government was the recent rapid increase in the number of infections, in particular due to new and more contagious ones Virus mutations.

Effects for drivers too!

The restrictions apply to motorists as well as to all other travelers effects. On purely private trips and visits without a professional background should continue waived become. So far, overnight stays for tourist purposes were only allowed if their necessity for professional or business reasons was credible. The same was true for private rentals as well as for Camping and RV sites.

Rapid test Corona Covid 19 rules Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Whitsun

Relaxation of tourism in coastal countries

The federal government's emergency brake is now showing visible effects. In many places, the incidence figures have fallen so sharply that at Pentecost the long-awaited by the population Easing can be carried out or at least promised. Schleswig-Holstein, for example, has also had its national borders for tourists since May 17, subject to conditions open and is slowly starting up public life in other areas as well. For example, the catering establishments are allowed to open their interior areas and ships for excursions can take guests on board again. Schleswig-Holstein has the lowest infection rate nationwide of 35,1 within seven days per 100.000 inhabitants.

MINI Camper Flotte Tuning Camping 19 Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Whitsun

Still are from tourists Hygiene requirements such as wearing a protective mask or presenting negative corona tests before arrival and every three days afterwards. Even with a simple visit to a pub, it is necessary to present a negative test result or proof of vaccination protection. In nearby federal states such as Lower Saxony, where the incidence factor is also the Mark of 50 approaching, the state borders have so far only been opened to residents of the state with a primary or secondary residence. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, however, are fully vaccinated people or for six months genes valve Day trippers and second home owners welcome. Children too under six yearswho cannot yet be vaccinated are allowed to come along. For children over six years however, a negative rapid test must be presented.

Gastronomy opens on Whit Monday

Locals will be able to stay overnight again from June 7th. The following week, assuming a test before entry, this should also be possible for everyone else. From Whit Monday, the gastronomy is to be restored, both outside and inside öffnen allowed to. Tourism aims for residents of the country from June 7 and for guests from other federal states from June 14 to be possible.

Border traffic in Bavaria allowed again

In Bavaria, outdoor restaurants and beer gardens are already allowed to reopen when the incidence value is below 100. Hotels, guesthouses, holiday apartments, campsites and youth hostels in rural districts and urban districts with an incidence value below 100 are allowed to accept guests again on the weekend of Pentecost - but only upon presentation of one maximum 24 hours old negative test result. The same applies to cable cars, river and lake navigation, tourist rail and bus transport, city and guest tours outdoors as well as to the outdoor areas of medical thermal baths. If you want to travel to neighboring Austria for shopping or a visit of less than 24 hours, you have to go afterwards can not be Learn more in quarantine.

bayern federal state coat of arms Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Whitsun

Tourist overnight stays should also be allowed again if the threshold is constantly below 100. Virus variant areas are excluded from this. In Saxony may campsites and holiday apartments again öffnenif the incidence value is less than 100. For hotels and pensions, the value must be below 50 so that they can accept guests again. The prerequisite for this is again a daily negative test result before arrival as well as a previous booking.

Tourism in Hamburg

In Hamburg, overnight stays in hotels and holiday apartments are still only possible due to professional appointments, medical stays or for “socio-ethical” reasons, but restaurateurs can at least expect their outdoor areas to be opened up TODAY that was officially approved by the Hamburg Senate on May 18. Since the seven-day incidence was last consistently below 100, the Senate had lifted the nocturnal exit restriction

Corona spread in a regional comparison

If one compares the incidences of the countries, one can still see large regional differences. Next Thuringia, which has the strongest corona spread with a value of 122,5, are also Saxony and Baden-Württemberg above the threshold of 100. If this threshold is exceeded, the contact and exit restrictions in the districts and cities in the sense of "Emergency brake“To be implemented immediately. In order to venture opening steps, the value must be constant under lie on the threshold. The RKI reports that this is still not the case in 120 districts and municipalities.

Covid 19 air flow Corona car interior window 2 Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Whitsun

Tourism in Berlin

In Berlin you can find out about the reopening of museums and memorials since May 19. If a negative test result is presented, tourist offers such as city tours and boat excursions in the open air are possible again after booking an appointment in advance. There are also night exit restrictions aufgehoben. The RKI reported that the seven-day incidence value was consistently below the threshold of 100 for the last five working days in a row. Concert halls, cinemas and theaters were allowed to hold events with a maximum of 250 people and in the open air for a short time before Pentecost offer again. Restaurateurs are allowed to use their outdoor areas seit gestern to open again. However, a prerequisite for entertaining guests is the submission of a negative test result or complete vaccination protection.

The corona rules in Baden-Württemberg

Hotels and beer gardens are allowed to open where the incidence value is consistently below 100. The same applies to museums and memorials as well as to theater, concerts and outdoor cinema. Guests must also do a quick test. Holiday apartments can be rented out again. Hotels and pensions in the rural and urban districts that have a value below 100 on five consecutive working days have been allowed to accept guests again since last Saturday, subject to conditions.
However, guests must be tested, vaccinated or recovered upon admission.

Baden Wuerttemberg coat of arms Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Whitsun

Easing in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia

Since May 12th, the incidences in Rhineland-Palatinate have remained constant below 100 low-contact vacation allowed. This includes overnight stays in mobile homes, caravans or in holiday apartments own sanitary facilities. For overnight stays in hotels, it is assumed that they have breakfast in the room and their own bathroom. A negative test result must be presented on arrival and then every 48 hours thereafter.

In Nordrhein-Westfalen allowed since May Hotels and guesthouses accept vaccinated, tested or recovered guests up to a maximum capacity utilization of 60 percent if the incidence is consistently below 100. Here, too, it is again possible to spend the night on campsites or in holiday apartments and to open the outdoor catering if the requirements are met. Cafes, restaurants and pubs are even allowed to reopen the indoor areas, provided the incidence value is stable below 50. However, tourist trips from 22 p.m. to 5 a.m. continue not allowedso that a fine can be due here. Business air travel, on the other hand, is possible because of the exceptions provided.

Border rules in neighboring countries

With a new one Entry regulation the federal government relaxes the restrictions on vacations in other European countries. Again, you have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested negative in order to enter Germany. Quarantine is then Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! required. However, the vaccine used for vaccination must be an EU approved vaccine (BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson). People from high-risk areas must continue to be quarantined for 48 hours. Free testing by antigen test or PCR test is possible here. The RKI recently reported as risk areas in Europe: Armenia, Montenegro, Poland, Hungary and the Norwegian province of Vestfold og Telemark.

Austria border corona Corona pandemic: Driving and traveling over Pentecost

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Info: Camping during Corona - Please note!

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Car trips in times of COVID-19: that still applies!

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