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Corona: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

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Covid 19 air flow Corona car interior window 2 Corona: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

Who can see through there ?! Mask requirement, passengers, travel. What is actually still allowed during the corona pandemic? The measures to contain the corona pandemic were renewed extended, but also a little relaxed. The federal and state governments have the lockdown until 28. March 2021 extended and at the same time decided to take easing steps. The measures are still having an impact motorist and Fellow travelers out. What do drivers need to consider according to the current state of affairs? How many passengers are allowed? Which corona rules apply to drivers?

Contact restrictions relaxed to five people and two households

Mouthguard Corona Auto rules Corona: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

In addition to regulations for travel, there are above all the Contact restrictionsthat drivers need to be careful of. On one side of the federal government it says: "From March 8th, private gatherings between your own household and another household are possible, but limited to a maximum of five people". "In regions with a 7-day incidence of less than 35, your own household can coincide with two other households with a total of a maximum of 10 people. Children up to the age of 14 are not counted, couples count as one household.“The car will though can not be separately mentioned, but it is to be assumed that the mentioned contact restrictions also apply to private cars. The ADAC Nordbayern recommends, if possible, that people who not to your own householdt belong to renounce. Furthermore, one should always approach the "AHA" formula hold (Distance + hygiene + everyday mask), there is also a L for ventilation and another A for app use.

Quick test for driving school lessons!

Driving schools belong to the so-called body-oriented service companies and are allowed to reopen from March 8th. A prerequisite for the lesson is a Hygiene concept of the driving school operation and a daily updated Corona rapid test from the learner driver. The driving schools in some federal states were reopened earlier for professionally required driving licenses. If you want to get a driver's license or are already doing it, it is best to inquire at your local driving school.

Rapid test Corona Covid 19 Corona driving school: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

In conversation: Permanent mask-carrying obligation!

A protective mask that is supposed to protect against infection with the corona virus could soon an everyday companion by drivers in Germany. Even after the end of the pandemic, every vehicle should be carried for two mouth and nose covers apply, it will be checked by the Federal Ministry of Transport. According to rumors, it could Carrying obligation be proposed in the next amendment to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. The Ministry wants to orient itself on the regulations for Safety vests, if disregarded A fine of 15 euros is due can be, according to media reports.

Car mask compulsory Corona: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

Partial mask wear for drivers in Berlin

There is an obligation to wear a face-to-face mask, as is the case in local public transport not when driving a car. Since decisions to fight the corona pandemic are also a matter for the country, there is in Berlin, Saxony and the Saarland a partial obligation to wear corona protective masks in the car. We reported on the subject of mouthguards in cars in Berlin.

What to do with the mask when driving a car? Not on the inside mirror!

Corona protective masks should be used while driving not hung on the inside mirror according to the ADAC. The view could be impaired and the driver distracted. In addition, the face must not be covered by the mask in such a way that the driver "is no longer recognizable ”. Violations could be with 60 euros fine be punished, but the police are instructed by the authorities to proceed with a certain sense of proportion during the controls. We reported on the subject of the mask on the inside mirror!

Mouth Nose Protective Mask Interior Mirror Auto 3 Corona: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

Avoid traveling if possible

No matter if from more official Matter or to tourist Purpose - when traveling, should if possible be waived. The resolution of November 25, 2020 already stated that “(...) aAll professional and private trips that are not absolutely necessary, in particular tourist trips abroad, among other things with regard to the ski season"Too should be avoided. A tightening applies to residents of counties with an incidence value of over 200, these may only be in one 15 kilometers radius move around their place of residence. Exceptions are trips to work or a good reasonwhere tourist trips definitely don't count.

Load the car Additional load luggage Corona vacation: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

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LA Auto Show and GTI meeting canceled due to Corona!

Cancellation logo badge automesse 310x165 Corona: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

TÜV main inspection in times of Corona! One should note that!

Police control police 310x165 Corona: Which rules currently apply to drivers?

Info: Is it mandatory for cyclists or e-bikers to wear a mask?

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