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Damage in the car wash? It is important to note that!

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Car wash facility Car wash Damage in the car wash? It is important to note that!

Did the car not survive the last trip through the car wash? Perhaps the antenna or the exterior mirror has broken off? This is how you get your money back in the event of damage in the car wash! Many vehicle owners use instead of the good old ones Handwash or a Self-service car wash an automatic carwashto clean the dirt off your vehicle. However, it can happen that the vehicle is in the system damaged.

Record damage with photos

One often reads headlines, some of which are shocking, about car washes where cars scratched or damaged were. In this case, many drivers only have to go to a lawyer. And securing the evidence is often not very easy either. There are over 18.000 washing facilities available in Germany. Of course, there can also be a sudden defect in a system. Broken mirrors, kinked antennas, scratches in the paint or damaged rims result in more expensive repairs.

Car wash facility Car wash Damage defective Damage in the car wash? It is important to note that!

Tips - before entering the car wash!

By adhering to the following advice, you can prepare yourself well before visiting the car wash. In everyday stress, some points could be forgotten.

  • Doors, sunroof and windows must be complete closed will. Even a small gap can make a more expensive water damage be prevented.
  • roof box remove beforehand
  • Telescopic antennas must unscrewed or retracted will. Before an electrical extending antenna is retracted, the radio must switched off .
  • The windshield wiper is in Rest position brought and the outdoor play gel collapsed. Some vehicles have one Car wash mode. The setting can be found in the operating menu.
  • Foliage should be removed from the engine bay and water drain regularly remote will. This allows a humus can be avoided and the residues of the car wash water can drain off better. Otherwise the water would attack the seals and electronics. In addition, there may be unpleasant smells. (you can do that if the air conditioner smells)
  • Spoiler or other retrofitted parts should be on a secure fit checked and abgenom financing will be. Otherwise you might not get away with a defect. This also applies to particularly wide Rims / wheels and lowered Vehicles.

Plug in Hybrid BMW X5 xDrive45e Project X Rims Tuning 5 Damage in the car wash? It is important to note that!

  • The door sills and the door sill must be cleaned with a car wash after a visit rubbed off with a damp cloth. This area can be washed in the car wash can not be getting cleaned. (this is how you clean the interior properly)
  • The rear and front windows must be cleaned from the inside will. A special film of dirt is often deposited here. As a result, the windows mist up much faster and so-called scattered light is created. (this is how you clean windows properly)
  • Moisture and cleaning agents can impair the braking power. The first few meters should be with a cleaned vehicle covered slowly will. The braking effect should also be checked. A so-called Brake free helps.

In the event of vehicle damage, is the operator of the car wash always automatically liable?

In any case, this is a common misconception. The questions of liability are very complicated with many car wash systems. In addition, it is difficult to harm the operator prove. Before entering the car wash, every car should be checked and photographed. Of course, all damage should also figuratively be held. But who does that? Take a detailed picture of the vehicle before washing the car! But if you want to be on the safe side, then that is necessary. And of course there has to be one in the pictures time stamp be visible.

Look for witnesses

In the event of damage, it is advisable to in front of witnesses inform the car wash operator about the damage. You should also damage the vehicle record in writing and compensation desire. Every car wash operator has to ensure that his system is regularly cared for and maintained, as well as a safe function is checked. Otherwise he is liable for all damage caused. An exception is if the car wash already has previously a defect would have. Because the operator is not liable to you Manufacturing defects the plant. The manufacturer could be held liable for this.

Honesty and warning are mandatory

An example: The operator is also liable in the event of a defect, if the error was caused by the user. That is always the case when he is in advance can not be tried to avoid the mistake. The vehicles must be in so-called towing systems at idle be pulled through the plant. Should a car driver accidentally brake, it will cause a traffic jam and the following car may (depending on the car wash system) open. It can also happen here that the car wash is damaged. Every car wash operator must therefore point out that the brakes is very dangerous in the car wash. Should a motorist brake anyway, the costs have to go through the Liability insurance be regulated. Braking is part of the operation of the vehicle, even when the engine is not switched on.

Comprehensive insurance can cover costs

If the antenna of one vehicle gets stuck in the brush of the car wash, it can cause considerable damage to the paintwork of the next vehicle. But then the operator is can not be automatically responsible for the damage. According to jurisprudence, his duty of care begins only from the fifth carthat the car wash leaves damaged. If damage occurs again, the car wash operator must react and rectify the problem. That means that in the event of damage can not be always automatically finds a culprit. Those who have not taken out comprehensive insurance are left with their own expense.

Legal situation in the event of damage

Bent wipers, scratched paintwork or broken exterior mirrors are in a car wash No rarity. One problem is that car owners have to provethat the car wash caused the damage and the operator of his duty of care can not be has followed. A vehicle should be checked thoroughly before and every wash. A damage must immediately reported to the staff and confirmed in writing will. A look at the terms and conditions of a car wash provides important information. If an operator excludes liability for damage to the external body parts such as exterior mirrors or antenna, the clause is ineffective.

Judgment traffic law punishment damage in the car wash? It is important to note that!

Exclusion of liability via general terms and conditions is not possible!

An operator can be held liable for any damage not through its terms and conditions exclude. He is liable always in the event of willful or negligent action. Thus the exclusion of liability is useless.

What happens if the driver makes a mistake?

If the customer is damaged by a Operator error the operator is liable can not be . The same applies if the vehicle is already was previously damaged or the antenna was extended. It is important that the operator gives the vehicle driver a complicity can prove. The operator must inform all customers of the possible dangers. You should also be meticulous about the Usage instructionsthat usually always clearly visible attached to the car wash.

Car wash facility car wash Autowaesche 2 Damage in the car wash? It is important to note that!

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