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day code short-term code KZK 2 car purchase, HU, overpass? The day mark!

Day number plates are used for vehicle transfer and for day trips in Germany. The license plates are also referred to as short-term license plates, 5-day license plates or transfer license plates. The day number plate is not only valid for one day. The dimensions of the day number plate correspond to those of the normal standard number plate. However, the euro field on the left margin is missing and the day codes have a yellow field on the right margin, in which the validity period is entered. In the upper field area is the Tag specified, in the middle is the Month called and the lower field shows that year ( YYYY ). Validity information is in two digits (day, month, year). The day number plate is presented in more detail below.

Day identification - validity and dimensions

day code short-term code KZK car purchase, HU, overpass? The day mark!

Day signs, like standard signs, have a maximum height of 130 mm and a maximum width of 520 mm. Day codes are short-term codes that are valid for 5 days. Short-term license plates are necessary in Germany if test drives or trips are closed DEKRA or TÜV and no regular license plate has been assigned to the vehicle. The day number plate is also used for the vehicle transfer. The neighboring countries Denmark, Italy and Austria accept the day license plate from Germany. Tolerance in other neighboring countries of Germany is possible, but there is no legal claim there. In any case, you should check in advance whether you can use a day number from Germany in the desired country.

Areas of application of day number plates

Sales contract for car sales Document WKDA car purchase, HU, transfer? The day mark!

Day IDs are used for transfer. If you buy a car that the seller does not deliver, you need a day license plate for proper delivery if the car is not yet registered. The day license plate must always be requested by the buyer. According to the law, the day license plate is approved for defined journeys. The day license plate is intended, for example, for test drives in Germany. A day license plate is required for a test drive if it is a deregistered or decommissioned vehicle. A test drive, as the law defines it, is a drive that serves to prove and determine the serviceability of the respective vehicle. Day license plates are also used if the car does not have a valid HU (TÜV sticker) and is to be driven to the test center. The car may be presented to a TÜV or Dekra body for a general inspection with a day registration number. If a transfer indicator is used for unauthorized journeys, non-compliance with the legal regulations can result in a fine. This applies both to day number plates on cars as well as on motorcycles or other vehicles. The following is a brief overview of the fines that can be imposed if the short-term indicator (KZK) is used contrary to the regulations.

Day registration number - how can it be applied for?

Registration office license plate car purchase, HU, transfer? The day mark!

In order to apply for a day license plate, several documents are required that the applicant should have on hand. Without certain documents, no day number plate can be successfully applied for. First of all there is an electronic one for the application for a day number plate Confirmation of insurance, short eVB, necessary. Without an eVB certificate, i.e. proof that the motor vehicle is insured against liability, no day license plate can be approved. An eVB is assigned by insurance companies as a seven-digit number sequence. An electronic insurance confirmation that is valid must be available so that a vehicle can be approved for road use in Germany. This means that insurance is also essential for day number plates and does not only have to be available for regular number plates.

ID card is essential

A valid one identity card is also necessary to get a day license plate. A valid passport can also be presented if an additional registration certificate is available. In addition to the identity card and the valid eVB, the vehicle registration document or vehicle registration document should also be available. If the documents mentioned are available in a valid form, you can apply for a day number plate or a short-term number plate, for example to take a trip to TÜV or Dekra so that a main inspection of the vehicle can be carried out.

Where is a day license applied for?

Day number plates can be applied for at any registration office at the place of residence of the vehicle buyer. The short-term license plate can also be applied for at a district registration office. Provided that the vehicle to be transferred was previously registered in the district in question. Further information on day number plates is available, for example, from vehicle registration offices, TÜV or Dekra. Before applying for a day license, the legal modalities should be clarified exactly.

summarize the information about the day license plate:

  • for use for a test drive, for transfer, to TÜV or DEKRA, for decommissioned or deregistered vehicles (valid for up to 5 days)
  • Day signs are not only valid for 1 day
  • Day signs Dimensions of maximum 520 mm x 130 mm
  • no euro field on the left edge
  • yellow field on the right edge (indicates the period of validity -> day, month, year)
  • Day signs may be used abroad (Austria, Italy, Denmark)
  • Day signs are often tolerated in other neighboring countries (no legal claim)
  • Day number plates are issued without TÜV (main inspection)
  • to apply for a transfer number:
    - electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB)
    - Valid identity card or passport with the enclosed registration certificate
    - Vehicle registration or registration document should available (at least a copy)
  • Application to the registration office of the place of residence or the registration office of the district of the vehicle to be transferred
  • Cost of day license plate: Registration costs administration fee of approx. 13 €, costs for the number plates, costs for insurance

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