Thursday 21rd September 2023

Hammer fine & jail for diesel tuner!

Rolling Coal Illegal diesel vehicles

Some people only buy an electric vehicle to do something for the environment. Then there is the opposite of the electric driver, namely the coal roller. The Coal-Rollers manipulate their vehicle so that it especially a lot of soot blows into the environment. There are still the rolling coal attacks, which we as a tuning magazine also deeply despise. In such attacks, e-cars, cyclists or simply walkers are often attacked. Yes, a tuner (35) in the USA must now for a year in prison. He has manipulation devices sold for diesel cars. The tuner also received a large fine. The terms "shutdown device" and "defeat device" are still familiar from September 2015 VW diesel scandal the car industry. The consequences are still preoccupying some courts today. The 35-year-old tuner from the USA has sold more than 14.000 technical devices with similar functions through his company. The defeat device was mainly installed in Ford trucks.

Diesel manipulation: performance has been increased at the expense of the environment

Judgment OLG court 2 E1609154219481

With the manipulation devices, the performance of the trucks be increased, but unfortunately especially at the expense of the environment. And some customers found that rolling coal effect as a nice touch. In a YouTube video you can see how a tuned pick-up truck is parked in front of the convict's company. The video also shows the vehicle trailing a large exhaust plume behind it. The 35-year-old violated that Clean Air Act. Therefore, he was convicted by the chief district judge. His punishment includes 1 year in prison and a fine of $ 1,3 million (approx. 1,25 million euros). The fine must be paid by the tuner to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and an additional 1,2 million US dollars to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service - the tax authority of the USA).

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