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Info: Everything related to diplomatic plates!

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diplomatic license plate germany 17 CD 147 auto 2 Info: Everything about diplomatic license plates!

Diplomatic plates are special number plates that consist of series of numbers and identify the occupants of a vehicle as diplomatic representatives. It can be a diplomatic representative of a supranational organization or a state. Diplomatic license plates are available in different versions and include the number of ranks in the license plate. High diplomats have license plates with a 0 Begin.

Diplomatic license plate - appearance

diplomatic license plate germany 17 CD 147 auto Info: Everything about diplomatic license plates!

The diplomatic license plate can be found in different variants. The flag of high diplomats starts with a 0. A country code follows the zero. The license plate closes with a Rank number from. Diplomatic marks mean that inmates have special rights and enjoy diplomatic immunity. Diplomatic immunity protects them from administrative, civil and criminal prosecution in the country in which they work as diplomats. Diplomats can be consuls, ambassadors or heads of international organizations. The diplomatic license plate enables the police, for example, to identify which diplomat (Consul, ambassador) it is about. Due to diplomatic immunity, the police have only a very limited scope of action towards diplomats.

Diplomatic license plates - advantages?

Police catalog of fines tuning Info: Everything about diplomatic plates!

The diplomatic license plate protects the diplomat and, with special regulations, also his chauffeur, from being punished for administrative offenses committed by car. The diplomatic license plate is only intended for the diplomat himself. The advantages of such a label can also be used by other people with exemptions (see chauffeur).

Distinguish diplomatic marks?

  1. Version: for high diplomats
  2. Version: for employees of an embassy
  3. Version: for members of a consulate

Diplomats' marks are marked with codes (rows of numbers), indicate the origin and rank of senior officials. There are three variants of diplomatic plates in Germany. High diplomats get that 0 mark. Article 14 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (VCDR) states that papal representatives (nuncios), ministers, emissaries and business officials from another state can be considered high diplomats. High diplomats are all members of a so-called diplomatic corps. A country's government appoints diplomats as mission leaders. In addition to the variant for high diplomats, there are also a second and third variant. The second variant of diplomatic plates applies to employees of an embassy. These include, for example, technical employees. The diplomatic number of embassy employees starts with the City ID of the respective approval district. This is for example BN for Bonn or B for Berlin. There is the third variant for members of a consulate. There is one on the license plate for consulate members three digits to five digits Number. The number starts with one Neuer. The city code of the approval district is also given. The variants are explained in more detail below.

Diplomatic badge for high diplomats

diplomatic license plate germany 17 CD 147 1 Info: Everything about diplomatic license plates!

The flag for high diplomats begins with a zero. The zero follows one Stamp plaque, which corresponds to the respective approval district, such as Berlin. After the stamp sticker is a two digits to three digits Find a number code that indicates the country code. After a hyphen there is another number. The number indicates the rank of the diplomat. The lower the number, the higher the diplomat is. A 1 means that it is the ambassador of a country or the head of an organization. The second number block on the diplomatic license plate can do the numbers 1 to 199 include. There are exceptions. So the numeric keypad of the Netherlands 1 to 299 lie. The US numeric keypad can even go from 1 up to 500 pass. License plates of high diplomats usually have one Additional CD label. CD is short for Corps Diplomatique and means that the inmate is a high diplomat.

Diplomatic license plate of German diplomats

German state representatives can also drive diplomatic plates. How to apply for one 0 indicator a red diplomatic ID necessary. Chancellor, Federal President, President and Vice President of the Federal Council, State Secretaries, Ministers, civil servants, senior officials, presidents and vice presidents of the so-called Supreme Courts and other senior state officials usually have this type of ID. For German diplomats, the country code is not attached to the license plate. The license plates begin with a 0 and are followed by the rank. 0-1 stands for the Federal President. 0-2 is used for the Chancellor's diplomatic plates. All known to us You will find country codes on the diplomatic license plate HERE.

Diplomatic license plate - embassy

Embassy staff can carry a diplomatic license plate. Administrative and technical staff are usually eligible for such a label. Instead of the zero, the registration district code is applied to the license plate. After the registration code, the country code can be found on the license plate. The country code is followed by a hyphen and a three-digit number. The vehicles are mostly registered in Bonn or Berlin. To Art. 37 VICTORY Only certain groups of people may receive such approval. In Berlin, numbers from 300 to 399 forgive. In Bonn there are numbers from 1 to 999 to find. The CD label may be used for diplomatic plates for employees of an embassy can not be be present on the vehicle.

Diplomatic license plates - consulate members

diplomatic badge consulate Info: Everything about diplomatic badges!

Members of the consulate are entitled to a so-called Consulate flag to lead. The consulate marks are with a three-digit to five-digit Number provided with a 9 begins. Members of the professional consulate may use the consulate number for official vehicles. The license plate starts with the city code of the respective approval district. After the city code of the approval district follows the stamp sticker and finally the three- to five-digit number code specified. An honorary consul is usually a German citizen and usually has a civil registration number. The honorary consul may, however CC additional label attach to the vehicle.

Additional CD and CC labels indicate immunity

diplomatic license plate cc cd additional label identifier Info: Everything related to diplomatic license plates!

The additional signs already indicate that the vehicle occupant has a diplomatic rank. CC is the abbreviation for Corps Consulaire and describes that the vehicle occupant belongs to a professional consulate. A consul has an administrative function rather than a diplomatic one. Nevertheless, the consul is an official and acts in the official state mandate. The consul is usually endowed with official immunity. This means that the consul is exempt from judicial prosecution. Official immunity can be recognized from the additional CC label. Private trips are exempt from immunity. The route from the consulate to the private home is usually exempt from immunity.

CD is short for Corps Diplomatique. The Additional CD label indicates that the vehicle occupant is a high diplomat. The senior diplomat is in the service of another state. High diplomats with additional CD labels have full immunity. This immunity can only be lifted by the so-called sending state. Without immunity waiver, immunity holders should not be prosecuted or prosecuted. This applies to civil law as well as administrative and criminal prosecution.

diplomatic license plate germany 17 CD 147 auto Info: Everything about diplomatic license plates!

in summary the diplomatic license plate:

  • in Germany since the late 70s
  • Diplomatic marks usually consist only of a series of numbers
  • Diplomatic plates identify the occupant of a vehicle as a diplomatic representative of a state / supranational organization (Ambassador, consul, head of an international organization)
  • Diplomatic license privileges:
    - Diplomats have special rights
    - diplomatic immunity
    - No criminal, civil or administrative prosecution in the recipient country
    - Administrative offenses cannot be punished
  • the scope of action of the police is limited
  • different variants of diplomatic license plates available
    - High diplomats have an identifier that starts with a 0 (zero), followed by the country code and the rank
  • Diplomatic identification is usually personal (exceptions for the chauffeur or the family are possible)
  • Germany has three variants of diplomatic vehicle license plates
    - 0 indicator for high diplomats of a state (Members of a diplomatic corps, ambassadors, nuncios (papal representatives), envoys, ministers, business leaders)
    - Identification plates for embassy staff (employees) receive a diplomatic identification number that begins with the city identification of the approval district
    - Diplomatic license plate for consulate officials with the city ID of the approval district and a three to five-digit number that starts with a 9
  • Immunity is indicated by an additional CC and CD label
    - CC means corps consulaire
    - CD means corps diplomatique
  • Advantages for diplomats
    - The person enjoys immunity and special rights
    - Person is (partially) released from German jurisdiction
    - People in the vehicle must receive preferential protection and assistance
    - Safety barriers must be approved for the vehicle as soon as possible
    - Administrative offenses with the vehicle cannot be punished
    - Diplomats are exempt from fine notices (violations of the StVO are not prosecuted, there are no fines, points, driving bans)
    - Vehicles with diplomatic license plates receive tax advantages (no vehicle tax)

The country codes on the diplomatic license plate

10Vatican City / Holy See11Egypt12Angola
16Algeria17United States18Argentina
28Chile29People's Republic of China30Costa Rica
31Belarus32Bosnia and Herzegovina33Equatorial Guinea
34Denmark35Benin36Dominican Republic
37Ecuador38Ivory Coast39El Salvador
49Great Britain50Guatemala51Guinea
61Iceland62Laos63Cape Verde
79South Korea80Lebanon81Liberia
94Nepal95New Zealand96Nicaragua
103Oman104Burkina Faso105Austria
112Portugal113Papua New Guinea114Namibia
118Saudi Arabia119Sweden120Switzerland
121Senegal122Sierra Leone123Singapore
127Sri Lanka128Sudan129South Africa
133Togo134Tonga135Czech Republic
145no assignment146Venezuela147Vietnam
148United Arab Emirates149no assignment150no assignment
151Congo152Central African Republic153Cyprus
200Mauritius201North Korea202Djibouti
203Guinea-Bissau204South Sudan205botswana

diplomatic license plate germany 17 CD 147 auto 2 Info: Everything about diplomatic license plates!

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