The legal situation on the subject of panes & foils!

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All panes of a vehicle, with the exception of mirrors and cover panes of lighting equipment and instruments, have made of safety glass. safety glass panes, important for the driver's view are, must be clear, translucent and free from distortion. If the tinted film used is a type approval has and the window surround or rubber seal is not pasted over, rear side windows and the rear window are allowed complete covered with the tinted film.

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It is important to note that the prescribed field of view according to both fore as well as after always guaranteed at the back have to be. After the panes have been foiled, the minimum requirements in terms of breakage behavior and light transmission must still be met. A light transmission of 70 % is required for the windshield and front side windows. Only lightly tinted foils and uncolored anti-shatter foils are on the front panes with proof of the required light transmission possibly allowed. Adhesive and foil parts that are attached to the rear window and the rear side windows of a vehicle are exempt from the type approval, provided their size 0,1 m².

Film at the front is permitted if use on the front side windows is explicitly stated in the type approval for the film. However, the prerequisite is that the windshield to be covered is a clear (untinted) windshield. However, new vehicles usually have slightly tinted windows ex works, so that no further stickers are almost always permitted.

However, no more than 25 percent of the respective pane area may be covered, with the pane rubbers and surrounds remain free must. In the case of the windscreen and the front side windows, it is also important that the driver's view is not obstructed. stickers like that Feinstaubplakette allowed not in direct line of sight of the driver. Incidentally, the same requirements apply to film parts that are glued to the upper edge of the windshield. anti-glare strips on a 1,1m wide pane, may only run down to about 9cm from the top outer edge of the pane if it is square in shape.

Is it allowed to attach other stickers to the windscreen in addition to the anti-glare strip?

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In principle, it is allowed, but there are some regulations to be observed. On the one hand, the size of a sticker must not exceed 0,1 m². Furthermore, the driver's field of vision must be blocked at all times unlimited remain to ensure a clear view of traffic. If a sticker or film takes up an area of ​​0,1 m² or more, it is one type approval necessary. To ensure that all requirements are met, it is recommended that advance to contact an expert or examiner.


  • In summary, it can be said that clear visibility conditions are essential in road traffic and therefore the field of vision must not be impaired by stickers or foils. To avoid accidents, you should follow the regulations and, if in doubt, consult experts.

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