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100% legal: Fill up with chip fat for more “climate-friendly” driving!

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100% legal: Fill up with chip fat for more “climate-friendly” driving!

In a development that surprised us, the German federal government has introduced a new regulation that makes it possible Diesel vehicles with 100 percent old cooking oil – including frying fat – to refuel. The move aims to reduce traffic to make it more sustainable and is a sign of increasing acceptance alternative fuels. Since November 22, 2023, diesel fuels that are made entirely from used cooking oils may be used as Pure fuels be used. The innovation is part of a broader initiative that also stops the promotion of diesel fuels from fossil sources in order to minimize environmentally harmful incentives. The change includes the introduction of a new one Diesel fuel standard, which includes the sale of climate-friendly synthetic fuels such as E-diesel and biogenic HVO at public gas stations.

Legally fill up on frying fat!

The possibility of filling up with frying fat also opens the door for diesel variants, such as B10, which contain a ten percent organic admixture. However, to use the fuel, approval from the vehicle manufacturer is required or you drive at your own risk, which is of course a financial risk. The Gas station operator are also obliged to provide consumers with uniform information about the use of the new fuels. This is intended to prevent vehicles from being damaged due to incorrect refueling. However, an important aspect of the regulation is that the available amount of frying fat as fuel is limited. Used cooking oils are already being used in the transport mix, but according to the Federal Environment Ministry it is not possible to increase the amount further.

Savings compared to fossil diesel

The use of 100 percent chip fat as fuel is also supported by the Association of the German Biofuel Industry, which sees a significant contribution to CO₂ savings compared to fossil diesel. The initiative represents an important step towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable transport. It shows that alternative fuels are playing an increasingly important role in climate protection efforts. Images are AI generated for visualization

100% legal: Fill up with chip fat for more “climate-friendly” driving!

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100% legal: Fill up with chip fat for more “climate-friendly” driving!

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100% legal: Fill up with chip fat for more “climate-friendly” driving!
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