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High penalties for hit-and-run: you have to pay attention!

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Call insurance Accident High penalties for hit-and-run: you have to be careful!

You want your driver's license after a bump accident keep. But what is to be done? Is it enough to leave a slip of paper with the address on the damaged vehicle? How long do I have to wait? Do I have to call the police? What penalties can you face? We have the answers. How not to do it was shown a few years ago by the singer of the band “Böhse Onkelz” (Kevin Russell). He just ran away after an accident to avoid punishment. He was then sentenced to two years and three months. According to one statistic every third Accident causing hit and run and the tendency is unfortunately increasing. In a big city like Frankfurt, an accident occurs about every quarter of an hour, and the person who caused it then changes can not be confesses to action. But this is not something trivial. Many drivers don't even realize how fast they can get there punishable do and what penalties you can face. The most important questions on the subject of "Hit and run“We have a few answers below.

What counts as a hit and run anyway?

As soon as you yourself forbidden away from the scene of the accident, this counts as a hit and run. As "unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident“The offense is defined under Section 142 of the Criminal Code (StGB). Even if you are only involved in an accident but not at fault, you are allowed to can not be away from the action, otherwise you will also be liable to prosecution.

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Basically, you do it right away the anhalt, which Personalized and the Type of involvement in the accident need to exchange ideas with those involved. So who was the driver of which vehicle, whether it was pedestrians or cyclists. Or you can call the police straight away and wait for them to arrive.

How high can the penalties be?

  • For First-time offender the penalty is included depending on the amount of third-party damage 20 to 40 daily rates, the Withdrawal of the driver's license for about one year and up to three points. Up to three years imprisonment but can threaten in the worst case.

Do you have to wait for the owner in the event of a rear-end collision / getting stuck on the vehicle?

  • You definitely need one appropriate time wait for the injured party. If this doesn't show up, you have to call the police. If you don't do that, it will also count as a hit and hit and is therefore a hit criminal offense.

How long do you have to wait at the scene of the accident?

  • The waiting time depends on the type and extent of the damage. They also play a role Traffic density, Time of day and Weather and whether you have the opportunity to visit the injured party. Generally everything will be between 20 minutes to 60 minutes regarded as a reasonable waiting period.

Is it sufficient if you leave a note with your name and telephone number on the victim's windscreen wiper?

  • No, as it cannot be guaranteed that the injured driver will also receive the slip with your data.

Hit-and-run accident Leave a slip of paper Penalty High penalties for hit-and-run: you have to pay attention to this!

Are you allowed to leave the scene of the accident for a short time?

  • No, as it is already considered a hit and run if you are within a radius of the scene of the accident more than 200 meters leave. This also applies if, for example, you go into your house on your own doorstep in the event of an accident.

Are you allowed to leave after you've waited an hour for the victim and put a note on the windshield wiper?

  • Noif you have spent a reasonable waiting time at the scene of the accident, you are allowed to do so just leave when you before have notified the police and reported the scene of the accident.

How long can you report the accident to the police if you have a guilty conscience after leaving the scene of the accident without it being considered a hit and run?

  • As soon as you have left the scene of the accident without taking the above steps, this is considered to be Hit and run. However, one can mitigation of punishment take place or even waived a penalty if the perpetrator is found within 24 hours at the police station. However, this is only possible if the damage is contained, for example in the case of a parking bump and if the accident took place in an area without flowing traffic.

Can the police immediately withdraw your driver's license after you are accused of hit-and-run?

  • If the police officers from a so-called "significant external damage“Go out, they can get the driver's license rinse the einzieh. This is claimed from 1.500 euros, depending on the court. From this point on, you will no longer be allowed to drive a vehicle on public roads.

Is the amount of damage important in an accident escape?

  • Yes. If a person is fatally or seriously injured or if there is extensive damage to the other vehicle, according to the Criminal Code, one applies regular driving license revocation. Incidentally, insignificant damage is only counted up to 50 euros and one does not speak of it hit and run. However, nowadays even a simple mirror glass is more expensive, so there is hardly any damage under 50 Euro is feasible.

Do you have to indicate if you have knocked over a delimitation post or bent a bollard while maneuvering into a parking space?

  • Yes, as the damage usually occurs more than 50 Euro amounts to.

What should you do if you scratched someone else's car with a shopping cart?

  • There is no clear answer here, as bumping a shopping cart is not one of the "typical road traffic hazards" counting. If, for example, you damage another vehicle when opening the door, this counts as an accident and you must initiate the above steps.

Are there any exceptions that allow you to move away from the scene of the accident?

  • Yes, but these reasons have to be recognized in court in the end. For example, at a doctor's appointment you have to document this and then report the damage.

Even small damage that can hardly be seen nowadays costs a lot of money. So you should never just drive away. Imagine that your vehicle was damaged and the perpetrator simply drives away. And you're sure to sleep better at night if you report the damage.

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Heat car sun animals child included 310x165 High penalties for hit-and-run: you have to be careful!

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