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Driving license & driving license - you should know that!

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Driving license driving license provisions law driving license & driving license you should know!

Those who finally have a driver's license are of course happy, but the driver's license is not final. In the event of violations, retraining can take place or the driver's license can be withdrawn entirely. Therefore, everyone who just gets the driver's license receives it for a trial period, which can quickly lead to loss. The trial period is a delicate matter! Only those who know their rights and obligations can behave correctly. However, it is confusing between the driver's license and the Driver's license to distinguish.

Driving license and driving license

Driving license driving license provisions law 3 driving license & driving license you should know!

Many don't know that there are differences between a driver's license and a driver's license. So that there is not always confusion, there is a rough explanation. Anyone who holds a driver's license only has proof of which vehicle they can drive. This is exactly what is shown in the driver's license, and the driver's license also shows which vehicle the owner is cannot is allowed to drive.

Tip: There is also for fans of motorhomes and camping There are a few things to consider around the driving license!

So if you have a permit or a driver's license for a car, you are far from being allowed to drive a motorcycle. To do this, a driver's license must be obtained in order to be able to drive the motorcycle. At first it is a bit confusing, but then again it is not. In simple terms, the driver's license only shows which vehicle can be driven. If you want to get a driver's license, you first need a driver's license. Without this, no driving license can be obtained.

Always inform beforehand

And of course there is a lot to consider so that the driver's license and thus the driver's license are not withdrawn. Correct behavior in traffic is very important so that the trial period can be survived. In order not to make any serious mistakes in traffic, everyone should get the information they need. The Internet can be helpful on the one hand, but it can also be a hindrance on the other. Because there is always more or less well-founded information that is often not very helpful. We have therefore summarized the most important information for you at the end of the article!

If the driver's license is gone, what then?

Driving without a driver's license Penalties Police 2 Driver's license & driver's license you should know!

Of course, everyone immediately thinks that someone's license has just been withdrawn because of an offense like one Speeding. This is exactly the most common case why no vehicle may be driven anymore. Violations can result in severe penalties, because here the legislator knows since 2020 at the latest no more mercy. But sometimes the beloved driver's license is simply lost, which is annoying. Anyone who drives without proof of driving license will have to pay a fine. However, there is only a penalty of 10 euros, which is not high.

Things that can be avoided

If you have a driver's license, you are far from allowed to drive every vehicle. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the vehicles for which the driver's license was issued. The driver's license is only a document that also proves the permit. Anyone who violates the traffic rules must expect the driver's license to be withdrawn. The best way to become aware of this is when the driver's license goes on vacation in Flensburg. If you drive anyway, you can expect high fines. But it can only limitations the license to be issued, which must be observed. If you don't see anything at night, you are of course not allowed to move a vehicle, this is also noted on the ticket. Therefore, the eye test is important so that all traffic rules can be observed. Anyone who drives and causes an accident is punishable. Especially when people are injured. The right information is important so that everyone knows their rights and obligations.

Conclusion - driver's license & driver's license

The driver's license only shows the vehicle for which a driver's license has been obtained. If the driver's license has been withdrawn by the authorities, then no more vehicles may be driven. If you drive the wrong vehicle, you can expect to be punished. The following license categories exist: 

Driving license class

Motor vehicle type

B, B17, B96, BECar
A1, A2, A, AMQuad, motorcycle, trike
C1, C1E, C2, CEtruck
L, Ttractor

What is the driver's license?

  • Driver's license is proof that the driver's license has been obtained for a specific vehicle type
  • Driver's license shows vehicle classes for which no driver's license is available
  • Driver's license contains information on: name, date of birth, date of issue, passport photo, vehicles that can be driven,
    Key numbers for visual aids or times
  • Preliminary driver's license is issued by the authority in the event of loss
  • New driving license & EU driving license must be exchanged by 2033 at the latest (also applies to GDR driving license), new driving license entitles to drive in European countries the vehicle types listed in the driving license
  • International driving licenseis necessary for all countries outside the European Union (EU) to drive there (is issued by the responsible registration office and is valid for 3 years)
  • Trial license means that special rules apply for the first 2 years, otherwise there is a risk of an advanced seminar or an extension of the trial period, applies to almost all vehicle classes apart from the AM, L and T classes

PS. If a driving ban has been issued, then there is certain conditions the possibility of submitting a so-called pardon to court. There is more on this topic in the following article! (Incidentally, the "Optimized Practical Driving License Test" (OPFEP) will apply from 2021 - more about this in our article)

Drugs at the wheel consequences driving license crime 2 e1591380206423 driving license & driving license you should know!

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CoC papers EG% C3% 9Conformity certificate 310x165 driving license & driving license you should know!

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Valuation report tuning classic car report 3 310x165 driving license & driving license you should know!

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