The E-mark - the advantages and the conditions!

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Reserve E license plate hybrid The E license plate advantages and conditions!

There are many different characteristics that can offer drivers different advantages. Many of them are far less known than the one that is always common E-mark. The special license plates for electric cars and hybrid vehicles are a consequence of the Electromobility Act and enable drivers of environmentally friendly vehicles to enjoy various privileges. To do this, however, you have to observe some conditions and the current legal situation in order to be able to use the advantages of the e-label correctly.

The advantages of the E-mark!

Umweltzone The E mark the advantages and the conditions!

An E license plate can offer motorists numerous advantages. Since emission-free cars and hybrid vehicles are sometimes associated with high acquisition costs and often with a range that is unfortunately often still very short, municipalities and cities have the opportunity to grant the environmentally friendly drivers of these means of transportation some privileges. It is based on the Electromobility Act, which came into force in 2015. This law allows municipalities and cities to freely choose the privileges they grant drivers of electric cars and hybrid vehicles. However, this has resulted in a patchwork that can quickly cause confusion.

Idea good, but poorly thought out

Bus lane E car E license plate The E license plate the advantages and the conditions!

Motorists with an E license plate may depending on the location Driving on the bus lane are partially exempted from access restrictions and driving bans. In addition, in some municipalities you can use free parking spaces and public charging stations for your vehicle. These measures offer drivers of electric cars advantages in heavy city traffic and counteract the limited range of many vehicles. However, not every city offers the same privileges, so you should always find out about the advantages offered before you travel. Otherwise the privileges can quickly become one Fines (€) transform. E-cars and hybrid vehicles also require a valid environmental badge for driving in environmental zones. If an e-license plate is worthwhile for you due to your place of residence, you can usually get this license plate easily.

What conditions for the E-mark?

Reserve a license plate hybrid 3 The E license plate the advantages and conditions!

E-plates are only issued for certain vehicles. These include battery electric vehicles, fuel cell cars and plug-in hybrids. However, hybrid vehicles have to meet strict requirements in order to receive an E license plate. They must either have a fully electronic range of at least 40 km or they may emit a maximum of 80 g of Co2 per kilometer. You can only apply for an e-license plate for your vehicle under these circumstances. The application can be submitted to the local registration office. You only need a few documents for this, so that you can get the license plate quickly and easily.

the usual documents are required

To apply for an e-license plate, you need to have some documents with you. The registration office requires an identity card, the registration papers for the vehicle and valid proof of the last general inspection. It is easy to apply for an E-label for both new registrations and existing registrations. As soon as the application has been approved, your registration number will be re-stamped. An "E" at the end of the license plate supplements the existing license plate. With an e-license plate you can then take advantage of the local privileges for e-cars and hybrid vehicles without further proof. Before traveling to an unknown municipality or a new city, however, you should find out about the local regulations so that there are no misunderstandings.

summarized the information about the E-license plate:

  • E-mark is reserved for owners of electric vehicles, fuel cell cars and plug-in hybrids
  • The additional letter "E" identifies the E license plate
  • E-plates were introduced in mid-2015 when the Electromobility Act (EmoG) came into force
  • Municipalities can decide for themselves whether these vehicles receive exclusive privileges. Possible Scenarios:
    - Bus lane usage
    - discounted parking spaces
    - Passage bans and access restrictions do not apply
    - free charging stations
  • E-mark is applied for at the registration office, you need:
    - registration papers
    - Proof of a valid general inspection
    - Insurance number (EVB)
    - ID card
    - E license plates
  • However, the E license plate required an environmental badge
  • E-license plate usually follows the structure of the normal license plate -> beginning with a D under the European flag -> country code -> letters and numbers -> E-characters
  • big savings in car tax
  • vehicle registration tax is waived for 2020 years for first registration until the end of 10

LCI 2020 BMW i8 Procar Tuning Edo Motorsport 4 The E license plate the advantages and the conditions!

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