Thursday March 4th 2021

Verdict: No exceptions for drunk e-scooter drivers!

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Electric scooter street legal E scooter law verdict: No exceptions for drunk e scooter drivers!

Now there is another safety enhancement in the fight against alcohol in traffic! An incident in 2019 brought new insights into drinking and driving for drivers of electric scooters (so-called e-scooters) on the road. A man who tried to get to his hotel on an e-scooter with 1,35 per thousand alcohol in his blood after visiting the Oktoberfest was checked by the police.

legal consequences and findings

BayObLG judgment alcohol scooter judgment: No exceptions for drunk e-scooter drivers!

The 31-year-old man has now been convicted in the local court. In addition to a fine of 2.200 euros, a three-month driving ban for all types of vehicles was imposed and his driver's license was revoked for seven months. He did not accept this judgment and so the Bavarian Supreme Regional Court (BayObLG) had to intervene, which was the first supreme court case law to date regarding alcohol limits for e-scooters. This is a lesson for all drivers of electric scooters who now know that according to the regulation, e-scooters are considered Motor vehicles and therefore no other rules apply.

Absolute driving unfit applies from 1.1 per mil

For drunk e-scooter drivers, this means a risk of losing their driving license, because absolute driving disability applies from a alcohol level of more than 1.1. This then means that a criminal offense was committed which resulted in a fine, driving ban or driving license withdrawal. So this judgment could be groundbreaking! Because until now very few people knew that the same alcohol limits apply to e-scooter drivers as to motorists! In some cases, the penalties can be even tougher if one deliberately tries to trick the measuring device during the breath alcohol control.

BayObLG judgment for alcohol scooters 3 judgment: No exceptions for drunk e-scooter drivers!

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What is behind the oldtimer condition marks?

Condition notes oldtimer declaration 2 310x165 Judgment: No exceptions for drunk e-scooter drivers!

Acoustic acknowledgment of the alarm system permitted by law?

Chirp module acoustic acknowledgment 310x165 Verdict: No exceptions for drunk e-scooter drivers!

Offenses against the StVO - when can you get away with it?

Red traffic light red light violation% C3% 9F e1592455582324 310x165 Verdict: No exceptions for drunk e-scooter drivers!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 verdict: No exceptions for drunk e scooter drivers!

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